#ThriftyThursday – Let there be light

Correct lighting is important in any home.  Did you know that you can find a variety of lamps and other light sources at our Goodwill stores?


Lamps come in variety of styles and sizes.  These bronze lamps can be easily spray painted for a unique look that matches any room.  Find directions at withHeart’s blog.  This inexpensive project can really lighten up your living spaces.

IMG_6316  IMG_6319

If you’re not a DIY person, these two lamps provide options for making your house a home.  The brown lamp is meant to look like a barrel, adding a rustic touch to your room.  The other lamp is a more modern design, with sleek silver lines.

IMG_6318  IMG_6320

These two lamps are great for small spaces, like a desk or your nightstand.  Reading will be much easier with a little bit of extra light in your room.


If you’re looking for something a little bigger, this sleek silver ceiling lamp is a perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room, and only $7.99.


Now, you have to be prepared for times when these light sources don’t work.  Goodwill has plenty of candles to keep you out of the dark in power outages – most range for $.59 – $2.99.


And, too keep you entertained no matter the power situation, this light saber Star Wars games operates on batteries.  It’s a steal at only $1.99.

May the force (and light) be with you, Goodwill shoppers.

President Obama signs Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act!

It has been 16 years, but President Obama signed legislation today to reauthorize the nation’s workforce system. Following on the Senate’s overwhelming 95-3 vote last month, the House voted 415 – 6 to approve H.R. 803, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act reauthorizes the adult, youth and dislocated worker programs as well as the YouthBuild program, all of which are operated locally by Goodwill Omaha. We supported reauthorization of this legislation, as the bill preserves core job training programs and builds upon their strengths while making needed improvements. The bill enhances program alignment and collaboration, establishes common performance measures for adults across core programs, and increases employment opportunities for youth with disabilities.

We are excited about WIOA, because it strengthens the future of needed workforce development programs in Omaha.  While we have a relatively low overall unemployment rate, many people are still in need of employment assistance.  Goodwill is ready to continue the WIOA contracts, along with Heartland Workforce Solutions, to work towards our vision of eliminating unemployment among those who want to work.

More information about the major provisions in H.R 803 can be found here:


Hiring Our Heroes

Posted: Mon 10:05 AM, Jun 30, 2014


Veterans looking for work are invited to the Hiring our Heroes Job Fair Monday in Omaha.

More than 40 employers gathered at Goodwill Industries, near 72nd and Ames, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday to help connect veterans search for a post-military job.

Not only is the career fair geared toward those freshly out of the military, but those like Paul Berg who haven’t been active duty since 1985.

“I didn’t realize that since I’ve been out of the military for so long that I’d qualify for any type of assistance, ” said Berg. “So it was a big surprise and I was real happy to find out that, you know, there’s people that are willing to help.”

Employers told WOWT 6 News while veterans may have a different technical background, they have essential skills that are being sought after.

“We look for team-fit first and foremost and then once we bring people into the organization we will train them and make sure they’re acclimated in those technical skills that they may not have directly from their military experience,” said Farm Credit Services of America Recruiting Outreach Specialist Kelly Rutter.

“They’re dependable. They’re organized. They’re professional. They offer great communications skills. So it’s a really good place to find excellent candidates for the jobs that we offer,” said Streck Recruiter Jenny Zebley.

To view the original story, please click here.

Hiring Our Heroes job fair Monday in Omaha – Nebraska Radio Network

The U-S Chamber of Commerce Foundation is hosting a “Hiring Our Heroes – Omaha” job fair on Monday. Jennifer Hale is the Business Outreach Coordinator with Goodwill Industries and says this event is for veterans, military spouses and their dependents.

Forty-one companies are taking part and range from large employers to dozens of small ones in the region. Hale says open positions include IT, clinical, hospital, warehouse, logistics, office, production and laboratories.

The event includes a free Hiring Our Heroes employment workshop focused on resume writing, tips for successfully navigating hiring fairs, military skill translation and interview skills. That will begin at 8:30 am.

The job fair itself is from 10 am to 1 pm at Goodwill Industries at 4805 N. 72nd Street in Omaha.

To view the original article, click here.

#ThriftyThursday – I Love Shopping at Goodwill – Guest Blog

This guest Thrifty Thursday post was written by Goodwill’s Community Outreach Manager, Elizabeth Donner.  

I love shopping at Goodwill, especially for my 14 month old daughter.  When she was first born, I had all these fancy, cute outfits for her – but they also cost a pretty penny.   For the first six months of her life I didn’t mind because the clothes stayed fairly clean and stain-free.  Well, when solid foods were introduced all that went out the window.  It took a miracle for her not to stain clothes on the first wear.  This is when I smarted up and decided I was going to start buying play clothes that were inexpensive and ones I wouldn’t be devastated over when something got on them.  I became a regular Goodwill customer.

As I started shopping more frequently at my local Goodwill – the one off of 72nd and Ames Avenue – I realized there were super cute clothes that were off-season.  This prompted me to take my thrifting to a whole other level!

I started buying clothes for my daughter for the upcoming season.  Pro Goodwill shopper tip  – you can find awesome deals in the off-season on clothes – because most people aren’t thinking about wearing a parka in July.

Three weeks ago I hit the Goodwill jackpot.  I spent around $10 and got six super cute items.  My favorite find was a red striped Oshkosh dress – perfect for Husker games.  I also found a like-new Gymboree sweatshirt, great for fall weather.

5 out

Another good tip is visiting your local Goodwill on a regular basis.  I try to visit once a week.  Sometimes I come out with a great find, and sometimes I leave empty handed.  But I at least like to look to make sure there isn’t something I want.

Two weeks ago I was able to snag two other great items for the fall – a cute Carters shirt and Old Navy pants.  I ended up paying $2 for both – one was on 99 cent special.  Two bucks!

top jeans

Do be careful with what you buying, and make sure that you know the clothes are going to fit when the time comes.  It’s not a good deal if your child never wears the outfit.

Happy Thrifting!

#ThriftyThursday – College Livin’

It’s about that time of year again.  In less than two months, colleges will reopen their doors to eager young minds, just waiting to learn.  There are a few things most college students have in common.  One of them, of course, is that they aren’t rich .  Those in college show their lack of funds in many way; driving old model cars, living on ramen noodles, and furnishing their apartments at Goodwill.   But when you shop at Goodwill Omaha, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality furniture and accessories at a pretty sweet price.  Which means more money for books.  Or beer.

First and foremost, you need a couch.  A super comfy couch.  A couch for studying, sleeping, and all-day Netflix sessions.  I headed out to one of Goodwill’s newest stores to check out their selection.  Our Gretna location had a few couches to choose from.  This was the most comfortable:


This striped couch has super comfy cushions, padded armrests, and enough room for laying out all of your notes.  It’s in great condition and under $40, which is a great investment to last through your whole college career.

Tables are also a necessity.  While you might not want to sit down and eat dinner every night, a table brings a sense of home into your college apartment.  You can host dinner and parties with friends, have study groups at home, or impress dates with home cooked meals.



This wood table comes with four chairs for under $70.  Pick up some dishes to go with, and you’re set.  And with dishes, you’ll need drink wear.  These plastic margarita glasses are great for fun nights with friends, and are a steal at only $.39 each.


Now, if you really want to impress your friends, Goodwill in Gretna had two apartment furnishings that are sure to be a hit, for less than $90 total.

First, be like our favorite “Friends” Chandler and Joey and put a foosball table in your place.  Games will serve as a great study break.

IMG_6219 IMG_6223

And, obviously, the TV.  This huge 52″ HDTV will withstand a beating from college kids, while still giving you a great HD picture.  And, yes, it works!  Hook up your game system and you’re ready for a hours of fun, on your new Goodwill couch, obviously.


College years are some of the best, enjoy them without spending all of your (or your parent’s) hard-earned money with help from Goodwill.  Happy Shopping!




#ThriftyThursday – the Indie Run

Indie logo

Goodwill is excited to be one of the sponsors for this Saturday’s Indie Run, put on by the Benson-Ames Alliance.  The Indie is raising funds for improvements at Benson and Fontenelle Parks.  The course, which starts and ends in downtown Benson, will be a tough one, with lots of hills throughout.

In addition to sponsoring the race, Goodwill wants to help you look your best while getting your run on.  I stopped by our Southwestern Plaza store (144th and old L street) to find some good looking threads to sport while running on Saturday morning.

There were so many offerings for the ladies, I barely knew where to start.

IMG_6197 IMG_6199

Whether you want to run in pants or shorts, there were dozens of great options.  We have full-length and capri length pants, along with a variety of short options.  These, from brands like Nike and Adidas, were only $3.59 each.

IMG_6201 IMG_6204

There was a wide variety of athletic tops too, including all sorts of materials, colors and prints in the tank top section.  All would be super comfy on race day, for only $1.99.   If you’re not a tank top person, the store had a variety of athletic tees, like the orange one pictured above – only $3.59!  I also picked out two sweatshirts, one from Eddie Bauer ($5.49) and the other Nike brand (3.59), to keep warm (and stylish) in the morning.


On to the men’s section!

IMG_6208 IMG_6192

For guys, varieties of pants and shorts in all colors were everywhere!  These shorts in a cool shade of red will show off your independent spirit in the race, for only $3.59.  For something more classic, gray Nike pants ($3.59) will pair will with this moisture-wicking Nebraska long-sleeve tee, for $5.99.

Maybe the most important item for race day, Goodwill has a wide variety of running shoes in great condition.

IMG_6211 IMG_6215

For men or women, in brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Puma, these shoes will help you avoid unwanted blisters and other race-day hazards, for only $5.99-$7.99!  That’s a steal for these name brands!

Get your gear and get racing!  To find out more about the Indie Run and the Benson-Ames Alliance, visit http://theindieomaha.org/!  See you all on Saturday and happy hunting!

Achieving The “American Dream”- WOWT.com

A refugee family takes a big step toward the American Dream…home ownership.

Kul and Yebu Sasankhar came to Omaha from Nepal two years ago.

Thursday morning, they were given the keys to their very own home near Belvedere and Fontenelle Boulevard.

This comes about due to the efforts of YouthBuild Omaha students.

They built the home with the help of Habitat For Humanity and Goodwill Industries.

The teens gained valuable experience they can take with them as they move forward with their own lives.

“You’re learning so much from doing it i mean you take what you learn here and you can use it at home, you can use it anywhere and you wind up helping people and i like helping people and everybody here likes helping and that was the best part about everything just helping out,” YouthBuild Omaha student Marcus Hill said.

The family dedicated more than 300 hours of work themselves and Kul said they are looking forward to becoming a part of the North Omaha community.

“When I came here I don’t think that I’d have a house,” she said. “But I think now we have our own home and yeah, I’m so happy and so excited.”

The Sasankhars have two young children and other relatives that live nearby.

View more here.