#ThriftyThursday – Costume Time

Picking out the perfect costume is always the most exciting part for any kid’s Halloween. There’s no better place to hunt for the perfect find than at Goodwill!

Child Size Pumpkin Costume

Child Size Pumpkin Costume

Just recently, I visited the 84th and West Center Goodwill to get into the Halloween spirit.

I wanted to see what type of costumes they had for different ages and genders. Let me tell you – there sure was a selection! From superheroes to ghouls, they had it all.

Dorothy Costume

Dorothy Costume

The best part about all these costumes was that none cost more than $10! That is truly a steal compared to the prices that the Halloween superstores charge. They even had costumes for adults, which makes shopping for that costume party much easier.

Toothless the Dragon Costume

Toothless the Dragon Costume

Go find the perfect costume, or design your own, and don’t forget to submit a picture for the Boo!dWill costume contest!

Robust Chef Boyardee Adult Costume

Robust Chef Adult Costume


The BOO!dwill Halloween Costume Contest won’t stay dead, nor should it! Because it’s that time a year again when you need to start thinking “Halloween costume” and “Goodwill” in the same sentence!

Goodwill is an awesome place to shop for Halloween costumes. Are you someone who likes to dream up some creative outfit and enjoys the hunt for just the right pieces? We have seventeen stores around town where you can find those costume ingredients. Or are you someone who just wants a quick and easy costume so you’re not the person dressed up as “suburbanite” or “adult” at the Halloween party? We’ve got plenty of more traditional costumes too! And no matter which camp you fall into, your costume purchases at Goodwill stores help put people to work — and they can win you some treats.

We want to see what you’ve come up with by shopping at our stores, so it’s time show off your costume and win prizes in the process — by entering the BOO!dwill Halloween Costume Contest!

To enter:
1. Between now and 5 p.m. on Monday, November 2, 2015, e-mail a photo of yourself in a costume you either purchased or assembled from items purchased at an Omaha area Goodwill to info@goodwillomaha.orgPlease make sure to email your photo. We will share them on on social media pages, but the amount of “likes” or “favorites” does not determine the winners due to social media rules and regulations.

2. In the email, tell us your name, how to contact you, and at which store(s) you bought your costume.

That’s it! We’ll be sharing the entries as we receive them on our Facebook wall. On Tuesday, November 3, we will select our favorites, and those finalists will be posted here at the GoodTimes Blog for a public vote. On Friday, November 6, the voting will close, and the top three will all receive Goodwill gift certificates ($100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd, $25 for 3rd)!

If you have any questions, post them here in the comments or send us an e-mail at info@goodwillomaha.org. And if you’d like some inspiration, check out last year’s finalists or television coverage of some of our Halloween offerings:

Finding Affordable Halloween Costumes a Real Treat – WOWT Omaha
Shop Goodwill for Halloween Costumes – KMTV Omaha

Good luck!

#ThriftyThursday – Getting Spooky at Goodwill

Goodwill Costumes

The leaves are beginning to change colors.  The temperature is dropping (slowly), and that can only mean one thing: Halloween season has arrived!

Of course, there is no place better to shop for this spooky holiday than your neighborhood Goodwill. Whether you are browsing for a decoration to make your house the creepiest on the block or looking for the perfect costume for your little one, I guarantee you can find it at Goodwill.

There are nearly two whole aisles dedicated just to different assortments of costumes – and that doesn’t even include the multiple shelves full of pumpkins and other necessary decorations. In the short time I riffled through the collection I found a brand new Mario costume, an eerie witch costume and a detailed superman costume (it even comes with the muscles!).

Why look anywhere besides Goodwill for your Halloween essentials?



Goodwill Register






#ThriftyThursday – Day on the Links

Goodwill Golf Clubs

September always proves to have the best weather of any month. We are blessed with mild 70 degree temperatures, along with all the other benefits that fall brings. The leaves change colors and the anticipation for Halloween and the holiday season begins to grow.

What better way to spend a Fall Saturday morning than outside with family and friends? Golfing is an activity that is enjoyable most of the year, but especially during these perfect days. And when it comes to golfing, Goodwill has you covered. Our selection ranges from the old school wood head clubs all the way up to the new age advanced gear. The best part about these clubs is that none of them are priced any higher than $5.95. Whether you are a seasoned professional or brand new to the sport, this time of year is always a blast on the course!

#ThriftyThursday – Goodwill at Omaha Fashion Week

Yesterday, stylish Goodwill outfits were featured at Omaha Fashion Week.  This is our third year at the semi-annual fashion extravaganza and our best yet.

Last week, we hand-picked fashions from our thrift store at 72nd and Ames in Omaha.

all black

First, this all-black outfit is great for the fall.  Layers provide warmth in the morning, and can be shed in the hotter afternoons.  This four-piece outfit cost only $15.06.

aztec dress

Next, this unique Aztec-print dress makes a big statement.  It’s mini length and open-back are real stunners for a night out with friends.  The teal bag provides a great pop of color.  All for under $12.

jacket and pants

Finally, a wear-to-work outfit for only $11.  White pants balance out the black satin top and tan shrunken jacket.  Your office mates will think you spent a fortune on this stylish ensemble.

The Fashion Week crowd was amazed at our looks – and their price tags.

Styles may change, but at Goodwill a great deal is always in vogue.

#ThriftyThursday – Back To School

Summer’s winding down and the new school years finally arrived (with cheers from parents and groans from kids). While it is difficult to find some school supplies items such as pencils, pens, scissors and highlighters at Goodwill stores; it is more than likely you will find other important school supplies for the year.

I popped into Benson Park looking for anything school related and right away, I found three vital items for any student. The first one, though small, is as important as it gets; a book cover. Almost every teacher requires book covers for their books and it can get a bit pricey buying brand new. But at Goodwill an unopened book cover is only 39¢!

Book Cover for only $.39!

Book Cover for only $.39!

The second thing I found is something that every kid needs going into the school year, a nifty looking backpack – being only $7.99 makes it that much niftier.

Backpack costing $7.99

Backpack costing $7.99

The final thing that caught my eye was a sturdy desk that any student could put in their room. The desk only costs $19.99.

Sturdy desk for $19.99

Sturdy desk for $19.99

#ThriftyThursday- Name Brand Deals

Buying Name Brand clothes without the Name Brand Price

Once a week I like to pop my head into Goodwill’s retail store at 72nd and Ames.   I am usually looking for kids’ clothes and furniture that I can’t live without.   I try to be very selective with what I purchase, so sometimes I walk out without buying anything.   This was not the case last week though!

To my delight, I was able to find a whole bunch of baby Gap clothes.

I snagged a red sweater and legging jeans ($1.59 each) for my daughter and a corduroy jacket for my son ($2.99). All perfect for the upcoming fall season.

I also picked up a pair of green jean shorts and an adorable pink dress with fish for next summer ($1.59 each).

In total, I spent a fraction of the cost – $9.35 – on five pairs of adorable baby Gap clothes. Thank you Goodwill!

Cheap ClothesCheap Name Brand Clothes