October Town Hall in pictures

We had a great crowd at this morning’s Town Hall meeting and a packed agenda. So let’s get straight to the recap!

“Brent” introduced himself to the crowd with his standard meeting-opening month-in-review slideshow.

Retail Operations Director Shirley Hall recognized Percy Goynes for his 45 years of service with Goodwill.


Friday roundup – Halloween edition

This week’s roundup is all Halloween related!

Have fun this weekend, and be safe. And don’t forget to enter our costume contest! We’re taking entries until 5:00 on November 1st, so be sure a camera finds you in costume this weekend.

Couples Costumes for Halloween

So far we’ve talked about some easy costume ideas for Halloween — the Christmas tree, Candy Corn and A Dozen or So Things You Can Do with a Bull Costume, but what about those who want to go out as a couple?

The Omaha World-Herald ran a story today about couples costumes, and it includes Tammy and Mark Cain, a couple from Union, Nebraska who have used Goodwill finds to bring their ideas to life.

Makeup and spray paint.

Give Tammy enough and she can create unusual costumes.

One year the couple wore an ensemble with a silver and gold theme.

Mark dressed as a non-speaking “silver mime” and Tammy went as his gold “trophy wife.”

Tammy took Mark’s jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, shoes and gloves, hung them up in the garage, and spray painted them silver.

It took a few coats to finish the job. Afterward the clothes, Tammy said, were a “little crunchy.”

For her costume, Tammy found a gold slip at Goodwill for her top, and a dark slip for the base of her “trophy.”

One year they gathered more clothes at Goodwill and dressed as an “old casino couple,” a pair you might see playing the slot machines after stepping off a tour bus.

But they wanted to add a little more fun. So Mark, who’s 6 feet 3 inches tall, dressed as the lady, complete with pink slacks and gold sandals

Read the rest of the article and find more couple costume ideas at Omaha.com.

And then when you’ve got your costume finished, enter our contest.

The Bulled and the Beautiful – A Variety of Costume Options

So Erin and I went into the Benson Park Plaza store the other day to get some Halloween inspiration for you good people. We went in with no ideas — we wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to put together a costume with the seemingly random things you can find at a Goodwill store.

So let’s get started. First, we found this bull costume.

Okay, so I’m a bull.

Goodwill brings Halloween to KMTV’s Morning Blend

Goodwill is the place to go for Halloween. If you haven’t heard that a time or two or more in the last month, you’ve been missing out on quality news features, blog postings and Facebook updates.

Just like a kid never gets tired of going door to door asking for candy, we never get tired of picking out costumes. Today Goodwill employees, along with one Goodwill spouse and the tiniest Goodwill yorkie, headed to KMTV’s Morning Blend to show hosts Mary and Mike the costumes we put together. With a little time searching through the racks and a little creativity, you too could be a sitcom character, ancient queen, not so friendly neighbor, or construction worker.

Check out the video at the Morning Blend website.

Oh yeah, and we’re having a costume contest.