Ranker.com’s Top 10 Superheroes with Disabilities

Obviously those of us who work with people with disabilities know that people of all backgrounds can be effective and capable members of the workforce, regardless of any disadvantages. So it’s nice to see that comic book publishers also recognize that people with disabilities are just as capable of fighting crime and saving the world!

Ranker.com has compiled its list of The Top 10 Greatest Superheroes with Disabilities:

the tradition of superheroes with disabilities goes back a long time, which makes sense if you think about it. Some people discover amazing, super-human powers only when they are forced to abandon other skills or senses. (Like blind people who develop super-hearing!) Often, the disabilities are tied directly to the character’s power, like Daredevil’s radiation blindness or Misty Knight’s Super Robot Arm of Wonder.

While the early superheroes often seemed invincible and invulnerable – your Supermans, your Batmans, your Wonder Women – over the years, the characters were humanized by giving them real human frailties. (Spider-Man is a nerd, Iron Man has a weak heart and a drinking problem, The Spirit is undead, Storm is played by Halle Berry and so on.)

While some of these disabilities aren’t necessarily relatable (here at Goodwill, I believe we are still waiting to provide services to anyone was paralyzed by an alien, infected with a technorganic virus from the future or suffered mutilation at the hands of an interdimensional monster), others are quite commonplace (such as losing eyesight, being born deaf or losing an arm in an accident), and all share the common theme of determined individuals rising above challenging circumstances and leading fulfilling lives.

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Our visit from All Thrifty States

Jenna Isaacson from All Thrifty States stopped by our Goodwill on day 21 of her cross-country thrift-store tour Saturday to check out a variety of our stores.

Her trip started at our Retail Operations Center (ROC) at 72nd & F — home to GoodBytes, the WearHouse, ShopGoodwill and all sorts of donation processing. Here she is chatting with (from left) Retail Sales Director Kay Hilgenkamp, Retail Operations Director Shirley Hall and ShopGoodwill.com Manager Ann Burke.

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GoodGuides on KMTV’s Morning Blend

Goodwill’s Elizabeth Startzer was on KMTV’s Morning Blend this morning to talk about Goodwill’s GoodGuides program. In addition to being Goodwill’s WIA Program Manager, Elizabeth is also a mentor. In the Morning Blend segment, Elizabeth talks about her own experiences as a mentor as well as the program’s larger goals.

Visit OmahaMorningBlend.com to watch the video. You can also read more about Elizabeth and Melissa, one of her mentees, here at the GoodTimes blog.

GoodGuides is still looking for mentors, so call 402-231-1978 for more information.

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Sights from the YouthBuild / Partnership graduation

Eighteen YouthBuild and Partnership workforce development participants were recognized yesterday for completing GEDs and various other certifications.

The graduates line up outside of the Durham Community Room at Goodwill’s Benson Park Plaza to prepare for their entrance.

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