The making of a Goodwill truck wrap: Cute robot edition

I really enjoy seeing the process behind how things are made, so in case any of you people are like me, I thought I’d share the process behind creating the new truck wraps that promote Goodwill’s computer donation and recycling services.

The origin of this design was a conversation with Retail Operations Director Shirley Hall. Shirley was telling me how much she liked the cute little robots from our agency highlights video, and she floated the idea — what if we used those adorable guys to promote computer recycling on some of our trucks?

I’m all for anything that requires I draw more robots, so the first step was to sketch out ideas for the truck wrap.

The first concept is seen below — the idea being that one little robot takes his computer junk to be recycled, and something happy and wonderful emerges because he chose to recycle his electronic waste instead of throwing it away.
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