We’re expecting!

Something adorable is about to happen at Goodwill. We’re getting ducklings! Call me a girly-girl, but if it’s a newborn animal, chances are I’m going to love it. There’s a reason “Baby Animals on the Farm” was my favorite book as an infant.

If you follow us on Instagram (@goodwillomaha), you’ve already seen the nest of eggs in the parking lot at our Benson Park Plaza location. Employees and customers alike have been keeping a watchful eye on the nest. We’re no duck experts, but we’re guessing the eggs will hatch in about a week.

You may be wondering why the duck decided to lay her eggs in the middle of a concrete field. With the pond at Benson Park just a short flight south of our building, and water features of the Benson Park Golf Course just east and north of us, it seems this mama wanted to leave her options open for a post-hatch home. We’ll have to see where the ducklings end up! Perhaps they’ll choose to stick close to the building and greet shoppers and donors as they come to the store.

Mama Duck provides her eggs some extra warmth on a hot summer day.

Nine new ducks on the way.