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In this month’s issue:

  • Learn about the career center’s move into its brand new home, where you can find our adult career program, Partnership program and Navigators…
  • Get ready for National Disability Awareness Month, and discover how you can get involved…
  • Read an awesome story about our Benson Park retail staff, who reunited a donor with a large sum of money he accidentally left in some donated pants…
  • Find out about the new goals in the recently released 2013-2017 Strategic Plan…
  • Get to know your motorcycle-loving coworkers, including our CEO and COO…
  • Learn more about the newest changes in the employee handbook and what they mean for you…
  • Get to know our new Director of Planned Giving…
  • Catch up on our how CARF survey went…
  • Find out all of the ways to get involved with Goodwill in the community…
  • Another exciting word search…
  • Birthdays, anniversaries and new hires…
  • …and more!

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WOWT Omaha catches up with YouthBuild

Building owner John Mitchell, Jr., left, with YouthBuild Construction Trainer Norman Barnes. The building will be known as the John Mitchell Community Center, in honor of Mitchell's father.

WOWT caught up with our YouthBuild program recently, talking with students and trainers as they renovate an old church at 25th & Evans. YouthBuild helps students earn their GED and other professional certifications while also teaching them construction skills.

“They go to the classroom four hours a day and work here four hours a day,” Construction Manager Derrick Austin said. “We give them experience in the carpenters field.”

YouthBuild provides not only a multi-level education, but also structure.

“We bring in the construction piece as a springboard for the youth build program to give the young people a sense of responsibility, employability skills,” YouthBuild Construction Manager Norm Barnes said.

Turning an old church into a new community center while building confidence through real world skills.

Twenty-two-year-old Lakena Amerson left school in the 11th grade. She now has a new direction.

“I went home and fixed the ceiling, put the putty and stuff on the ceiling and did all that for my mom,” she said.

You can watch the video and read the full story at

This week’s READY workshops – Dependability, Self-Determination and Motivation

Every week, Goodwill Omaha presents free READY workshops designed to enhance your job readiness skills. The workshops are free and open to the public, and they are held from 1:00pm – 3:00pm at Heartland Workforce Solutions, 5752 Ames Avenue (in Ames Plaza, between 56th and 60th) in Omaha. To sign up, call 402-231-1978.

Here’s what we have coming up this week:

Monday, September 24, 2012 – Dependability
Virtually every job is in an environment where coworkers depend on each other. You can be the best there is at what you do, but if you can’t be depended upon, it won’t matter at all. When you prioritize your dependability, it shows that you care about your coworkers and you respect the work that needs to get done.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 – Self-Determination
Self-Determination is the belief that you have the power to control your own destiny. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” Accepting your control over your own destiny is empowering. It can also be scary! Because while you can take credit for your success, you also have to own your failures. Learn how to harness that in your professional life, and empower yourself to pursue what you want to be and where you want to go.

Thursday, September 27, 2012 – Motivation
You can have all the fancy goals in the world, but they won’t mean anything and you’ll never get there if you don’t figure out how to get motivated! Motivation is what separates us from where we want to be, so learn how you can get better motivated to get going on your career path.

Catch me writin’ nerdy – volume 3

Every once in a while, we here at The GoodTimes blog stumble upon some published research that we think might be of interest to you socially / environmentally / sustainably minded readers. All three of the following papers are published by the Social Sciences Research Network and provided for free.

Urban Forests as Green Infrastructure

Urban forests capture air and water pollutants as they provide shade, habitat, and social value. The health and character of urban forests are determined by the priorities that communities place on them, the local regulations that direct land use choices, and the extent to which local governments address resource shortages through zoning, resource planning, and resource regulation. Local governments can plan and regulate urban forests to benefit (economically, socially, and environmentally) from the services that trees can provide to communities. This essay explores the role of urban forests in the local provision of local green infrastructure and the ways that local governments capture of the benefits of urban forests by planning and implementing tree protections.

Nudging eConsumers: Online Ecolabelling as Part of the Green Internet

This paper discusses the impacts of providing energy efficiency information to online shoppers. It lays out mechanisms by which this may improve appliance purchase and use decisions, raise awareness, improve innovation and align market forces with sustainability objectives. It finds that suitably structured light-touch requirements to provide mandatory information online can preserve and extend the benefits delivered by the Eco-labelling Directive. It also draws implications for broader use of information as a regulatory tool.

Does Job Loss Make You Smoke and Gain Weight?

This paper estimates the effect of involuntary job loss on smoking behavior and body weight using German Socio-Economic Panel Study data. Baseline nonsmokers are more likely to start smoking due to job loss, while smokers do not intensify their smoking. Job loss increases body weight slightly, but significantly. In particular, single individuals as well as those with lower health or socioeconomic status prior to job loss exhibit high rates of smoking initiation. The applied regression-adjusted semiparametric difference-in-difference matching strategy is robust against selection on observables and time-invariant unobservables. This paper provides an indirect test showing that the identifying assumption is not violated in the difference-in-difference estimator. The findings are robust over various matching specifications and different choices of the conditioning variables.

This week’s READY workshops – Ethics, Access Community Resources and Attitude

Every week, Goodwill Omaha presents free READY workshops designed to enhance your job readiness skills. The workshops are free and open to the public, and they are held from 1:00pm – 3:00pm at the Workforce Solutions Center, 2421 N. 24th St. (24th & Lake) in Omaha. To sign up, call 402-231-1978.

Here’s what we have coming up this week:

Monday, September 17, 2012 – Ethics
Ethical workers are good workers, and an ethical workplace is a positive workplace. Our Ethics factor into our worklife more than we probably realize, as they guide the hundreds of decisions we make each day. Learn more about how ethics and how we exemplify them in the workplace can contribute to a productive professional environment.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 – Access Community Resources
There are so many resources out there to help you in your goals, but knowing where to look can sometimes be difficult. And then once you know where to look, there are so many it can be overwhelming! Learn how to navigate those resources and figure out how to best take advantage of the ones that will help you most!

Thursday, September 20, 2012 – Attitude
As Winston Churchill said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Learn how the thing that determines how well you do your job and how you feel about your career is entirely within your control!

The Younkers Goodwill Sale begins today!

It’s that time of year when you receive a 20% off Younkers coupon for every item you donate to Goodwill!

Through September 29th, just take your gently used clothing to your local Younkers store. For every item you donate, you will receive a coupon good for 20% off at Younkers. It’s that simple! Donate a shirt? Get a 20% off coupon. Donate a shirt and pants? You get two 20% off coupons. Donate a big bag of clothes? You can go shopping for quite a while.

Your donations then go to our stores, where the sale of those items helps support our education and training programs for people with employment disadvantages, fueling our mission of changing lives and strengthening communities through education, training and work.

After you’ve donated, stop by and enter how many items you’ve donated. Their goal is to collect 6.5 million items for Goodwill, and once you let them know how many you donated, you’ll receive an additional 25% off coupon!

The READY workshops return next week!

Our READY workshops took some time off this week as our adult and youth programs moved from their old home at the Blue Lion building at 24th & Lake, but they’ll be back next week at the new Heartland Workforce Solutions facility at Ames Plaza, 5752 Ames Avenue.

The READY workshops are designed to enhance your job readiness skills. The workshops are free and open to the public, and they are held from 1:00pm – 3:00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. To sign up, call 402-231-1978.

You can find the updated schedule at our READY page, and stop back here next week as we’ll resume plugging them three at a time!

The Taggies

We are excited to share that two of our taglines have been selected as finalists in the 2012 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards. Please support us by voting for our taglines and sharing this information with your friends and colleagues. The deadline to vote is October 5th.

You can find our taglines under the first two categories:
1) Fundraising Taglines
– Building hope. It’s everyone’s job.

2) Program Taglines
– Your Future Is Calling – Customer Connect

And of course, vote for the rest of the categories too! It’s great to see what other organizations are doing.