Introducing the new Goodwill gift cards!

What’s something that makes life easier for Goodwill customers and employees, helps generate more revenue to support our employment and training programs, is incredibly attractive and can fit in your pocket?

The new Goodwill Omaha gift card, that’s what! The new gift cards have been around for about a month now, and their most immediate benefit is to shoppers.

“They’re more customer-friendly,” said Retail Sales Director Shannon McGree. “[Shoppers] can grab one at the register, it’s scanned right there, and they can walk away with it.”

Previously, the stores used paper gift certificates made out in specific denominations. They were kept in the safe, so when a customer wanted to purchase one, he or she would have to wait as someone went to the office to get one. The new process is now much more convenient.

Adding to the convenience is the fact that customers can check their gift card balance online. Eventually the same customer portal will allow Goodwill card holders to access more real-time information of their donations and purchases — creating an all-inclusive section of our website for our shoppers’ and donors’ tracking needs.

The enhanced donor card features should be ready early in the new year. Keep your eyes on the GoodTimes Blog for updates as more features become available!

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