Guest Blog: Plaid Scarf


Editor’s note: Say hello to Caitlin! She’s a personal-style blogger at Re-Mix-Her who also loves Goodwill! Caitlin will be sharing some of her favorite Goodwill finds with you each month here at the GoodTimes Blog.

Happy December and merry Christmas! Winter dressing can be difficult to “spruce up.” Black and other dark neutrals are the easy way out. Here’s my challenge to you this month: When the cold, dreary days hit, try injecting a little color into your wardrobe. It’s easy to do at Goodwill; I got this cobalt blouse for 99 cents a few months ago at a local Omaha Goodwill, and not only has it been amazing versatile, but it also manages to make my mood a little brighter and lighter, despite the grey clouds outside. So next time you’re at Goodwill, take a chance on a color you wouldn’t necessarily purchase; you might find it does wonders for your mood.

I hope you all have a safe and merry holiday! If you get the chance, stop by my blog and say hi!

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