Job Readiness Training (Partnership) — KETV — 1/19/15


OMAHA, Neb. —While some people watched movies Monday, others were hard at work learning the skills they need to find a job.

Monday’s workshop was specifically geared toward teenagers, courtesy of Goodwill. Attendees got tips on searching for what you need to keep a job and how to manage your money.

“Since I am getting the information to go out and get a job or to go out and do something with my life, I think it does reflect a lot about what Martin Luther King’s dream was, therefore I think it’s a very good day to do it on,” Northwest High School senior Jeremiah Woods said.

If the students stayed for all four hours, they received $50 and free pizza.


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“Sew In Style” — WOWT — 1/13/15

Students Get Money To Design Clothes

Something old is new again. Seventy students from Omaha North and Central high schools are being given $10 in a unique project called “Sew In Style.” It’s a partnership between Omaha Public Schools and Goodwill Industries.

They are using the money to recycle old clothing into something new.

We sent a camera to check out the event at the Goodwill store at 72nd & Ames.

After going on the $10 spending spree, the students will go back to school, network with people in the fashion industry, and create original fashion designs.

“We’re going to go back to school, have a month to recycle it, revamp it, upgrade it, and then we’re going to go to UNO and have a Fashion Show.” said Sue Witte, Omaha North High School.  All of these designs will go down the catwalk. The students will hold the fourth annual “Sew In Style” Fashion Show at UNO on March 20th


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Project Employment — WOWT — 1/4/15

Project Employment Helps Woman Find Passion

Six months ago, Alexandra Dunlap was struggling.

“I was working at the gas station and it wasn’t helping me support my needs, and I needed something better,” she said.

Unhappy, and looking for something new, she reached out to Project Employment – a program through Goodwill and Project Everlast that teaches foster kids the skills to land a job.

Now, instead of cleaning countertops at the gas station, she’s sterilizing surgical tools at Methodist Hospital.

The program pairs students with a mentor who walks them through things like what to wear to a job interview, the best information to have on a resume, and skills to make it through the dreaded interview.

“I’m uncomfortable with people sometimes,” Dunlap said. “She just helped me know how to answer some interview questions and how to be comfortable in my job.”

Her supervisor, Thomas Whitmire, is proud of the work Alex has done so far. Having never heard of Project Employment, he’s impressed with how they helped her prepare.

“It was kind of neat cause I was astounded because I never heard of this program before,” he said. “I’m glad we got her on board, she’s fun to be around, she’s learning well.”

With everything she’s learned so far, it has inspired Alex to go to nursing school. She said she finally feels on track.

“I feel like I’m more mature, I feel like my job is important,” she said. “Before, I never felt like that, but now I do. I just feel like what I do is important so it motivates me.”

For more information on Project Employment contact Jana Dye at 402-216-7429 or [email protected]

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