#SecondhandSelfie Contest

Here at Goodwill, we often show off things that we find in our stores.  Funny things, retro things, designer things, all types of stuff.  But, they are all things that Goodwill employees find.  Well, that’s all about to change.
Starting today, Goodwill is launching #secondhandselfie, giving Goodwill shoppers the opportunity to share their awesome, unique Goodwill finds with the world.  How do you participate?
It’s simple.  First, hit up your local Goodwill.  Find something awesomely great.  Or awesomely awful.  Find anything.  Flash your best smile and take a selfie with the item.  Then post to your favorite social media site (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) with the hashtag #secondhandselfie and tag @GoodwillOmaha.
What’s in it for you?  Your post will do two things.  First, make all of your friends realize how cool you are.  Shopping at Goodwill is good for the environment, your wallet, and the community (all of that equals major cool points).  Second, your #secondhandselfie will get you entered in a drawing to win a $25 Goodwill gift card.  We’ll draw one winner each month from each entry.  The more times you enter – the more chances you have to win (max 10 entries per person, per month).
All Goodwill purchases have one thing in common, they all help people in your community better themselves through education and job training opportunities.  So, help yourself, help your neighbors.  Shop at Goodwill, take a #secondhandselfie and change lives with Goodwill!

Here, I’m taking a #SecondhandSelfie in an awesome denim maxi dress. The Ralph Lauren dress was $.99 at Benson Park Plaza and would make for a great DIY project.