#ThriftyThursday – Goodwill at Omaha Fashion Week

Yesterday, stylish Goodwill outfits were featured at Omaha Fashion Week.  This is our third year at the semi-annual fashion extravaganza and our best yet.

Last week, we hand-picked fashions from our thrift store at 72nd and Ames in Omaha.

all black

First, this all-black outfit is great for the fall.  Layers provide warmth in the morning, and can be shed in the hotter afternoons.  This four-piece outfit cost only $15.06.

aztec dress

Next, this unique Aztec-print dress makes a big statement.  It’s mini length and open-back are real stunners for a night out with friends.  The teal bag provides a great pop of color.  All for under $12.

jacket and pants

Finally, a wear-to-work outfit for only $11.  White pants balance out the black satin top and tan shrunken jacket.  Your office mates will think you spent a fortune on this stylish ensemble.

The Fashion Week crowd was amazed at our looks – and their price tags.

Styles may change, but at Goodwill a great deal is always in vogue.

#ThriftyThursday – Back To School

Summer’s winding down and the new school years finally arrived (with cheers from parents and groans from kids). While it is difficult to find some school supplies items such as pencils, pens, scissors and highlighters at thrift stores; it is more than likely you will find other important school supplies for the year.

I popped into Benson Park looking for anything school related and right away, I found three vital items for any student. The first one, though small, is as important as it gets; a book cover. Almost every teacher requires book covers for their books and it can get a bit pricey buying brand new. But at Goodwill an unopened book cover is only 39¢!

Book Cover for only $.39!

Book Cover for only $.39!

The second thing I found is something that every kid needs going into the school year, a nifty looking backpack – being only $7.99 makes it that much niftier.

Backpack costing $7.99

Backpack costing $7.99

The final thing that caught my eye was a sturdy desk that any student could put in their room. The desk only costs $19.99.

Sturdy desk for $19.99

Sturdy desk for $19.99

#ThriftyThursday- Name Brand Deals

Buying Name Brand clothes without the Name Brand Price

Once a week I like to pop my head into Goodwill’s retail store at 72nd and Ames.   I am usually looking for kids’ clothes and furniture that I can’t live without.   I try to be very selective with what I purchase, so sometimes I walk out without buying anything.   This was not the case last week though!

To my delight, I was able to find a whole bunch of baby Gap clothes.

I snagged a red sweater and legging jeans ($1.59 each) for my daughter and a corduroy jacket for my son ($2.99). All perfect for the upcoming fall season.

I also picked up a pair of green jean shorts and an adorable pink dress with fish for next summer ($1.59 each).

In total, I spent a fraction of the cost – $9.35 – on five pairs of adorable baby Gap clothes. Thank you Goodwill!

Cheap ClothesCheap Name Brand Clothes