12 Days of Goodwill Christmas – Trash to Treasure

A few months back Brett Karnes, Goodwill’s facilities manager, was walking through the WearHouse at 72nd and F Street.  As he was heading to the back, another employee was wheeling a piano into the back.  It had been on the retail floor for two weeks with no takers.  Brett looked at it and was surprised to find it was a player piano.  There was one hitch – it didn’t work.  That didn’t stop Brett and he bought the piano for $50.

In doing research, he found out it was a 1929 Wurlitzer player piano.  The varnish was cracked, so Brett stripped the piano and refinished it.  The harder part was going to be fixing the inside.  Brett found an older gentleman in Lincoln who gave him a users manuals and some tips on how to re-key and fix the piano.

Brett’s hard work paid off and he now has a beautiful player piano that he can treasure for years to come.



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12 Days of Goodwill Christmas-White Elephant Gift ideas

White Elephant parties seem to the rage every holiday season. Some years I am just at a loss for what to get for them. You can’t go wrong with getting the safe gifts like that $5 gift card to a coffee house but for those of you that are looking to get more creative this season let Goodwill help you come up with some great gift ideas.

  • Hula hooping Santa, because you just need one!
  • A sassy coffee mug
  • A golf frame, for the avid golfer
  • The mini leg lamp, just a classic


















Those are just some ideas. Goodwill is filled with treasures to make your White Elephant party a blast.

Happy shopping!

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12 Days of Goodwill Christmas – Decorating your home for Christmas with vintage finds

The Christmas holiday is my favorite.  I love decorating my home with family heirlooms and thrift store finds for a very vintage feel.

One of my favorite things to decorate with are vintage Christmas bulbs.  I have some from my grandmother, but many I got at Goodwill and other thrift stores.  I use the bulbs in table center pieces as well as other room decor.


I even use them to decorate a vintage candle holder I bought at a thrift store and spray painted to match my decor.


For me, there is no better decoration than a beautiful tree.  Most of the vintage bulbs on our tree were bought second-hand.  I am obsessed with how whimsical and unique each one is.


Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive.  Looks for easy ways to incorporate family treasures and Goodwill finds to make your home full of cheer this year!

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12 Day of Goodwill Christmas-12 days of books

I am enjoying a new tradition this year, 12 days of books for Christmas. Goodwill has a large selection of books for kids and adults of all ages.


  • Kids: we have a wide array of books for younger children. Gather up some holiday, bedtime and learning books. Inspire your child’s love of reading with books starting at 39 cents!
  • Young adults: Goodwill is a great place to find bestsellers. Get those teens off their phones and into a book. Whole series can be found at our stores, like the Twilight collection.
  • How to books: Want to learn more about a hobby? We have books for that too! Learn all about animals or how to cook up a exciting meal or harness your inner baker.
  • Mystery books: For that adult that loves a good mystery novel, Goodwill is just the place to get your hands on some great authors.
  • For that romantic in your life: we have romance novels for days!


Now that you have picked out all the books for your family, time to wrap them up. Give one book each day for 12 days to get your winter reading going. Who doesn’t love a good book on a cold winter day with a hot cup of cocoa? I know I do!

Here’s to a fun new tradition that will give everyone something to look forward to.

Happy reading!

Now that your creativity is rolling, check out what’s next on our 12 days of Goodwill Christmas.

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12 Days of Goodwill Christmas-Stocking Stuffers

Goodwill has everything you need for some cute inexpensive stocking stuffers!

This holiday season you’ll be sure to find some items in our new goods area.

If you are searching for ideas, look no further:

  • Fill their stocking with toys cars or paper dolls.
  • Let your kids get creative with fun coloring pages and markers that they will love.
  • Try lip gloss for the little lady that just loves make-up.

















  • Bundle up with a new pair of gloves or a warm pair of socks.
  • For the pet in your life, we have cute stockings for cats and dogs.
















You can get a creative as you want with small gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Check back tomorrow for what’s next on our 12 days of Goodwill Christmas.

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Gallup Hiring Event

Business Solutions by Goodwill is hosting a hiring event for Gallup on Friday December 16th, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 4805 North 72 Street, Omaha, NE 68134.   A recruiter from Gallup will be onsite interviewing, and pre-screening for telephone interviewers.  In addition,  answering questions and taking resumes for the all other positions within the Gallup organization.   gallup_interviewers_flyer-2

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12 Days of Goodwill Christmas- The Ugly Christmas Sweater

What screams happy holidays and can get you in the spirit of the season better than a sweater?!?   It is once again time for those holiday ugly sweater parties.  I was shopping at our Madison store in Council Bluffs and found some great ugly (and cute) sweaters.

You can get in the holiday spirit with this snowman sweater.











Or this cute nerdy reindeer sweater! Pair with leggings and boots and your look is complete for those holiday parties.










Stay tuned for what’s next on our 12 days of Goodwill Christmas.

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3 easy tips for writing a resume

Looking for some easy steps to help you write your resume? Look no further!

  1. Simple easy to read layout. Stick with a font like Times New Roman or Calibri which are easy to read both in print and on a computer screen. Use a simple layout, you can have your name in a larger bolder font, your previous employers and titles.
  2. List your previous employers in reverse chronological order. Keep your most recent job as the first job on your list and then work backwards.
  3. When writing about your previous positions, list things that you did instead of tasks. Example- interacted daily with customers while providing answers to questions. Instead of did customer service.

Our READY program provides free one-on-one job readiness services, as well as employability skills workshops and computer classes. One-on-one staff attention allows READY to help individuals with their job readiness needs. Goodwill has partnered with a number of nonprofits in the community to offer READY services.

Our READY staff serve these agencda6q0997ies through an array of customizable employment readiness workshops. When a person begins READY services an assessment of needs, goals and abilities is completed. Based on that outcome, either the person continues to work on employability skills with READY, or is referred to Business Solutions for placement services.

To get in contact with one of our READY specialists please contact us at (402) 231-1901 or via email at [email protected]

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