Goodwill Industries, Inc., Serving Eastern Nebraska and Southwest Iowa, has been a leader in helping people fulfill their dreams through work since 1933. We train and employ people with disabilities and others who may be at a competitive disadvantage in the job market, such as at-risk youth.

Our many employment and training services are funded through government agencies, grants, private support and proceeds from the sale of donated goods at our 17 convenient shopping and donating locations throughout the metro.

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Accreditations and Affiliates

Goodwill is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 agency that is governed by a local board of trustees. We are a member agency of Goodwill Industries International of Gaithersburg, MD.

Goodwill is also affiliated with the federal Ability One program, which provides jobs for people with severe disabilities at federal facilities.

Goodwill is accredited by CARF, the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission.


Executive Staff

  • Pauli Bishop

    Serving Goodwill for 10 Years
    Interim President and CEO

  • Brent Koster

    Serving Goodwill for 13 Years
    Vice President of Mission Advancement

  • Kay Hilgenkamp

    Serving Goodwill for 20 Years
    Vice President of Retail Operations

  • Elizabeth Donner

    Serving Goodwill for 12 Years
    Director of Marketing & Development

  • Christine Aguilar

    Serving Goodwill for 14 Years
    Director of Mission Training & Quality Assurance

  • Tobi Mathouser

    Serving Goodwill for 11 Years
    Director of Mission Advancement

  • Gordon Scheet

    Serving Goodwill for 17 Years
    Director of Information Technology

  • Shannon McGree

    Serving Goodwill for 13 Years
    Director of Retail Logistics

  • Jennifer Rohr

    Serving Goodwill for 8 Years
    Director of Human Resources

  • Janelle Ellis

    Serving Goodwill for 11 Years
    Director of Retail Sales

Officers of the Board

  • Mark L. Stokes

    Chairman of the Board

  • Scott D. Semrad

    Vice Chairman

  • Robert J. Mitchell


  • Erin Limas


  • Joseph R. Lempka

    Chairman Emeritus

  • Pauli Bishop

    Interim President & CEO

Board Members

  • David M. Anderson
  • Robert M. Bertsch, Jr.
  • Mark Brasee
  • Richard Frandeen
  • Sandra A. Lane
  • Joseph W. Lang
  • R.J. Neary
  • James H. Rich
  • Carol L. Russell
  • Daniel G. Wenzl


Goodwill changes lives and strengthens communities through education, training and work.


Unemployment will be eliminated among people who want to work.


Customer Driven
Integrity & Accountability
Stewardship & Responsibility
Dignity and Diversity