A Year at Goodwill

Thank you for visiting the online 2014 Annual Report for Goodwill Industries, Inc., Serving Eastern Nebraska and Southwest Iowa.


Goodwill by the Numbers


Retail Sales $20,575,322
Federal Service Fees $4,128,219
Contract work for local companies $786,789
Grants and Fees for employment and training $3,268,695
Special Events Revenue $98,295
Investment and Misc Income $69,363
Operating Revenue $28,926,683


Personnel: Wages, Payroll Taxes, and Benefits $17,661,520
Rent, Utilities, and Facilities $5,066,723
Depreciation $1,740,441
Supplies $2,166,852
Marketing and Advertising $471,509
Professional Fees $1,070,456
Transportation $387,796
National Organization Dues $312,088
Other Expenses $364,503
Total Expenses $29,241,888
Net Operating Income $-315,205

Other Income / Expense

Increase in Market Value and Derivatives $179,343
Contributions $713,682
Net Gain $577,820

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