A Year at Goodwill

Thank you for visiting the online 2015 Annual Report for Goodwill Industries, Inc., Serving Eastern Nebraska and Southwest Iowa.

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Executive Staff

  • Pauli Bishop

    Serving Goodwill for 10 Years
    Interim President and CEO

  • Linda Kizzier

    Serving Goodwill for 19 Years
    Director of Board Relations

  • Erin Swanson Russell

    Serving Goodwill for 5 Years
    Vice President of Marketing & Development

  • Brent Koster

    Serving Goodwill for 13 Years
    Vice President of Mission Advancement

  • Kay Hilgenkamp

    Serving Goodwill for 20 Years
    Vice President of Retail Operations

  • Dave Pfeffer

    Serving Goodwill for 22 Years
    Director of Human Resources

  • Elizabeth Donner

    Serving Goodwill for 12 Years
    Director of Community Development

  • Christine Aguilar

    Serving Goodwill for 14 Years
    Director of Mission Training & Quality Assurance

  • Tobi Mathouser

    Serving Goodwill for 11 Years
    Director of Mission Advancement

  • Jessica Nolte

    Serving Goodwill for 2 Years
    Director of Accounting

  • Gordon Scheet

    Serving Goodwill for 17 Years
    Director of Information Technology

  • Shannon McGree

    Serving Goodwill for 13 Years
    Director of Retail Logistics

  • Janelle Ellis

    Serving Goodwill for 11 Years
    Director of Retail Sales

Officers of the Board

  • Mark L. Stokes


  • Robert J. Mitchell


  • Elizabeth A. Mazzotta

    Chairman Emeritus

  • Joseph R. Lempka

    Vice Chairman

  • Mark Brasee

    Chairman of the Board

Board Members

  • David M. Anderson
  • Richard Frandeen
  • Sandra A. Lane
  • Joseph W. Lang
  • R.J. Neary
  • Carol L. Russell
  • Daniel G. Wenzl
Goodwill by the Numbers


Retail Sales $19,926,754
Federal Service Fees $4,303,177
Contract work for local companies $693,252
Grants and Fees for employment and training $4,247,767
Special Events Revenue $143,495
Investment and Misc Income $74,046
Operating Revenue $29,388,491


Personnel: Wages, Payroll Taxes, and Benefits $18,453,275
Rent, Utilities, and Facilities $4,778,097
Depreciation $1,781,586
Supplies $1,841,033
Marketing and Advertising $440,195
Professional Fees $1,625,757
Transportation $409,469
National Organization Dues $303,789
Other Expenses $250,165
Total Expenses $29,883,366
Net Operating Income $-494,875

Other Income / Expense

Increase in Market Value and Derivatives $-38,289
Contributions $653,002
Net Gain $119,838

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