A Year at Goodwill

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Goodwill by the Numbers


Retail Sales $20,702,283
Federal Service Fees $4,760,710
Grants and Fees for employment and training $1,282,497
Investment and Misc Income $762,536
Salvage $905,263
Miscellaneous $259,478
Operating Revenue $28,672,767


Personnel: Wages, Payroll Taxes, and Benefits $16,501,541
Rent, Utilities, and Facilities $4,571,296
Depreciation $1,491,515
Supplies $1,381,541
Marketing and Advertising $18,244
Professional Fees $132,153
National Organization Dues $304,589
Other Expenses $526,530
Interest $482,958
Bank & Credit Card Fees $313,197
Total Expenses $25,723,564
Net Operating Income $2,949,203

Other Income / Expense

Contributions $161,867
Net Gain $3,111,070

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