One breezy spring morning, I stopped by 50th & Grover to meet April’s Employee of the Month and 2012 Employee of the Year nominee and see what work at Goodwill’s busiest attended donation center (ADC) was like.

Two donors pulled up just as I did, and Victor Hull got out of his truck to help them unload their donations. They must have been regulars, because when I told them Victor was the Employee of the Month, they agreed that he deserved the award.

After they left, Victor started telling me how he knows many of the people in the neighborhood and surrounding businesses. On cue, a lady passed by on a walk.
“There’s Joyce,” Victor told me. “She goes on a walk every day. Hi Joyce!” Joyce waved back.

Victor tells me how important it is to get to know people and treat everyone with respect. He met his girlfriend of a year because she works at the café in the shopping center. He’s moving to a house near the ADC soon thanks to a lead from the manager at Bag ‘N Save. He even has regulars who stop by just to say hello and to bring him cookies.

Victor says he has practiced his relationship-building skills for years, first working in a warehouse and later driving a shuttle for a hotel downtown. He loves that his job at Goodwill allows him to meet such a variety of people.

In addition to taking donations and passing out receipts, Victor takes pride in keeping the ADC area clean. He sweeps up broken glass, picks up trash and makes sure any graffiti that finds its way onto the truck finds it way off.

He likes the location and wants to make sure Goodwill can stay there. In fact, he is part of the reason why the trailer is located where it is.

About the time the lease was ending on the previous location of the ADC (just one lot over), Victor happened to be talking to the landlord of Bag ‘N Save and figured out he was also connected to the current location. Plans were made, and the trailer moved over one lot. Again, it’s all about building relationships.

Victor found his job through the former Goodwill program Projects With Industry. His case worker, Tim Suelter, helped him apply for the job. Neither one realized at first that it was a position at Goodwill. Victor was interviewed and started right away. He has been a Goodwill employee since December 2010.

His supervisor, Shirley Hall, notes that he is known for his excellent customer service. She says a donor has even taken the time to call her to say how friendly and helpful Victor is.

Victor’s trailers are always packed to capacity, but with care so that nothing will break during transportation. He helps train new trailer attendants, and he goes above and beyond to make sure all donors have an exceptional Goodwill experience.

Victor enjoys his job and appreciates his coworkers and supervisors (he even ordered pizza for them one day!), but perhaps not as much as everyone at Goodwill appreciates his hard work. Congratulations to our April Employee of the Month and 2012 Employee of the Year Nominee!

The Goodwill Employee of the Year is selected by a vote of Goodwill employees and will be announced at the 2012 Goodwill Annual Awards Dinner on February 9.

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