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Women can spend a fortune on shoes. We all need shoes for working out, weekends, work parties, errands, nights out, and work. The list can go on and on, and finding shoes for all of these events in life can get expensive quickly, especially if you buy shoes new from department stores.

Work-appropriate shoes can be the most difficult to find and the most expensive to buy, but if you stop by your local Goodwill to find some, nine times out of ten you’re sure to find something that works. My tip for finding shoes that “work” for work: look for a classic shape in a 1 – 3-inch heel (depending on what you feel most comfortable in). Classic shapes to keep an eye out for are pointy and round toes, and look for shoes in materials that will hold up throughout uses and seasons.

The shoes above I found at a local Omaha Goodwill for $4. They’re suede with ankle straps and a 2-inch heel. When paired with trousers, a silky blouse, and a blazer, they make for the perfect work look that transition well into an after-work activity.


Next month, I’ll be sharing another Goodwill find of the month. I’m a personal-style blogger and update my blog daily with outfits and other inspirations, so stop by my blog and say hi!

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