I was at the Brownville Flea Market over Memorial Day weekend and saw an enormous copy of Moby Dick. I’ve long wanted to read Moby Dick, yet for some reason the paperback copy I bought a few years ago has sat unopened. I thought to myself, “Maybe if I had this giant copy of the book, I’d get it read.” Like this was huge — probably 18″ tall and at least 4″ thick. It looked really old and fancy too! So I picked it up, preparing to leaf through it and smell musty old book pages, when I discovered it wasn’t a book at all — it was a secret box disguised as a book!

I didn’t buy it, mainly because it drew way too much attention to itself for being a secret compartment, and secondly because I was a little annoyed that I had been fooled, but I’ve always thought that secret boxes camoflaged on bookshelves have been awesome. So if you’re like me, you are in luck, because Instructables has a new tutorial on how to make a secret bookshelf box!

Personally, I have some moral / psychological hangups about this project. For starters, it requires you to destroy books, which makes me feel uneasy. But then you could just try to use books that you have no problems destroying, such as really awful books. The problem there is that people might see these awful books on your shelf and be like “What is this awful book doing on your — oh hello there, secret things…” This is, of course, a dilemma you’ll have to solve for yourself. But I just wanted to make sure you’re thinking about it.

And of course, remember to use proper safety precautions when using power tools!