S'more maker for only $3.99 at Benson Park

S’more maker for only $3.99 at Benson Park

Summer break is finally here! I remember sitting in my desk on the last day of school counting down the minutes until I was finally free. While browsing through Goodwill at Benson Park Plaza, I came across the niftiest products that would be perfect for those warm summer nights or even those rainy days. This indoor/outdoor S’mores maker is priced at $3.99, what a steal! It was always a competition among my friends to cook the perfect golden marshmallow and I couldn’t have ever imagined making these delicious treats without a campfire, but at Goodwill you never know what is possible.

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2 thoughts on “#ThriftyThursday – Goodwill has S’more neat stuff than you might expect

  • Hi Sondra! We don’t keep inventory of our items, so I can’t tell you for sure what we have at any given moment, but that’s part of the fun of shopping at Goodwill! Happy hunting.

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