Sustainability For A Greener Earth

Sustainability For a Greener Earth


On April 18 Goodwill partnered with Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart and hosted an electronics drive at the Duchesne campus from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Goodwill Omaha was contacted in February by Duchesne’s Sustainability Committee about donating a large amount of electronics.

SustainabilityElectronics donor

Jason Schlesiger, Director of Technology at Duchesne said “Our Sustainability Committee saw this drive as an opportunity to recycle as much as possible. We wanted to take our efforts from inside the school into the surrounding community. This electronics drive benefits not only Duchesne but also our neighbors.”

Eric and Jason from Duchesne's Sustainability CommitteeIn 2016, Duchesne was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an Energy Star Award recipient. “When Duchesne was recognized with the Energy Star Award, generous community donors offered to underwrite the Verdis Group, a local sustainability consulting firm. The donations supported our partnership with the Verdis Group who spent a year with Duchesne to analyze our processes and help us move forward in efforts of sustainability” said Eric Krakwoski, Assistant Principal of Duchesne Academy. Eric stated that their Sustainability Committee has 4 main goals.

  1. Be a zero waste campus by 2030
  2. Use net positive energy by 2030
  3. Revamp the schools lunch program
  4. Integrate sustainability into the schools curriculum


Loading Electronic Donations

Goodwill Omaha helped approximately 30 donors and collected 4,900 pounds of electronic equipment during the drive. The electronics drive is just one environmentally friendly event that Duchesne is holding during the month of April. You can find out more about what Duchesne is doing for the environment in April by clicking here.

Dell Reconnect

Dell Laptops at Duchesne Academy's Electronics Donation DriveAt Goodwill Omaha, we partner with Dell Reconnect to ensure proper handling of donated electronics. Dell Reconnect is a program that partners with Goodwill’s across North America to handle proper refurbishing or recycling of your computer systems and accessories. Since 2004, Dell Reconnect has recycled more than 450 million pounds of used electronics. Goodwill Omaha contributes roughly 40,000 pounds of that number each year. Click here to find out more about Goodwill’s partnership with the Dell Reconnect program.  

Inherently Green

Our mission is to change lives through education, training, and work. Through our mission, we are inherently environmentally friendly. When people donate their used goods to Goodwill, it keeps unwanted items out of landfills and prevents the production of unnecessary new materials. Think Goodwill before you toss your used goods while doing your spring cleaning and Earth Day activities. Click on the following to view a list of our acceptable donations and locations. Together we can make an effort to improve and care for our environment.Goodwill Industries, Inc. - Omaha Donate Today Truck Wrap


Written by: Josh Meyer • Marketing Specialist

Drive 4 Drives — Community Matters — KFAB/iHeart Radio — 5/8/16

Goodwill’s Drive for Drives event was highlighted on an interview on 1110 KFAB’s “Community Matters” program.  The ten-minute segment aired on all five iHeart Radio stations throughout the week of 5/8/16 – 5/13/16.

Here’s the link … the Goodwill segment kicks-off the show:


#ThriftyThursday – Drive for Drives

In honor of our Drive for Drives being held today, in partnership with WOWT and Omaha West Rotary, I’m going to talk a little about our GoodBytes store.


Goodwill accepts used computes and computer equipment year-round at all of our stores and during special events, like today’s Drive for Drives.  After you donate, some of the items are recycled in a way that is safe for your personal information and for the environment, in partnership with the Dell Reconnect program.


The rest of these goods are cleaned up, hard drives are cleaned out, and software is updated.  The items that get refurbished are sold in our Goodbytes store.  Each day, new, quality merchandise is put on the shelves at Goodbytes.  You can find laptops, monitors, printers, keyboards, gaming systems – and dozens of other computer & electronic parts & accessories.  Computers are equipped with Windows 7 and upgraded memory.  With prices varying from $80-$200, you can’t find a better deal on a new-to-you computer.

IMG_5262IMG_5960 IMG_5959

Today, bring your old, unwanted computers & electronics to Drive for Drives, from 10-5:30 at Canfields on 85th and Center.  Then, head to GoodBytes at 72nd & F Street to pick yourself up a new laptop, gaming system, or wireless printer.  You donation and purchase will be good for you and great for the community!