Old computers? Recycle them with Goodwill

Technology has been changing so quickly that we find ourselves with piles of older electronics that we do not use. What to do with those electronics? Goodwill has the answer, donate them to be recycled.

In 2016 Goodwill recycled 545,552 pounds of computer and electronics.

Goodwill will accept your residential computers, printers and monitors without charge, regardless of age or condition. Just drop off at any of Goodwill’s convenient donation centers.

What does Goodwill do with your used computer equipment? 

Through our partnership with the Dell Reconnect Computer Recycling Program, Goodwill will accept your residential intact computers, printers and monitors without charge, regardless of age or condition. See our Recycling FAQ tab for more information about Dell Reconnect.

Goodwill’s highly trained staff will safely disassemble the CPUs and sort the various components for responsible recycling, thus eliminating the environmental risk of landfill disposal.

What about security?

We take the privacy of our donors very seriously, and we take great care and concern for all items that may possibly contain customer data. To begin the process, we do ask that people do their best to delete any sensitive information they may have on their computers before donating. Once the computers are in our hands, we undergo a four-step process as follows:

Phase One: Our technicians determine which desktop and laptop computers are viable for refurbishing and which ones are to be decommissioned and used for parts. The units are powered on and checked for defects. Hard Drives and memory are bench-tested for quality.

Phase Two: We secure all systems and hard drives determined to be reusable, as well as any materials that will be sent out for recycling, in a locked area that only the manager and techs have access to until they are processed.

Phase Three: We apply a rigorous three-pass Department of Defense-standard data wiping process to all drives determined to be usable.

Phase Four: We select random hard drives from every wiping session and verify they have no retrievable data on them. Also, every month Dell Reconnect sends an independent auditor to verify that the data on the hard drives has been erased and no personal data remains, and that all our process conforms and exceeds their high standards. Goodwill has passed this audit every month since we started with the program.

Goodwill takes pride in being able to partner with Dell Reconnect to keep electronics out of landfills and do our part in being green.

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Baled clothing: 506,173 lbs.
Shoes: 19,225 lbs.
Stuffed toys: 351 lbs.
Books: 11,065 lbs.
Purses and belts: 0 lbs.
Cell phones: 0 lbs.
2015 YTD total: 536,814 lbs.


Printers: 12,204 lbs.
CRT monitors: 6,049 lbs.
Keyboards: 2,152 lbs.
Plastic: 563 lbs.
Power: 1,134 lbs.
CPUs: 7,304 lbs.
LCD monitors & laptops: 4,089 lbs.
Wire: 793 lbs.
Misc.: 2,689 lbs.
Batteries: 1,432 lbs.
Motherboards: 0 lbs.
Media: 117 lbs.
Toner / Ink: 71 lbs.
2015 YTD total: 38,597 lbs.


Cardboard: 29,575 lbs.
Mixed paper: 1,825 lbs.
Plastic: 2,435 lbs.
Aluminum breakage: 1,968 lbs.
Low-grade wire: 2,964 lbs.
Aluminum cans: 44 lbs.
#2 copper wire: 0 lbs.
2014 YTD total: 38,811 lbs.

Grand Total=
614,222 lbs.

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