Goodwill Omaha – Omaha World-Herald & Agency Update

Dear Valued Goodwill Supporters:

Recently, Goodwill Omaha did a follow-up interview with the Omaha World-Herald to share our progress on three commitments the organization made last fall. This interview, we are told, will be published tomorrow. Goodwill Omaha, as an organization, is re-evaluating critical aspects of governance, operations and culture.

When Goodwill Omaha met with the Omaha World-Herald, I shared that the organization, today, is looking to the future and to regaining the public trust through commitments we have made for improvement.

Goodwill Omaha is taking an objective look at the organization and developing best practices across the agency. We know that not only will Goodwill Omaha change but we use this case study and lessons learned to help other nonprofits maximize their impact in the community. In the long run, this can strengthen all organizations and the community trust.

Here is a summary of what we shared during the interview:

Employee culture is an area Goodwill Omaha is working to improve. The Omaha Business Ethics Alliance has been engaged to help the organization understand the impact of the organization’s changes, address employee engagement improvement and identify best practice ethics for employees. These actions have resulted in:

  • More communication and improved employee engagement
  • Weekly CEO updates about current activities across the organization
  • Creation of the “I heart my job” employee campaign

The second commitment was to hire a third party firm for an organizational assessment. Quantum Governance has been selected and started this work last week which is expected to take through August to complete. They will review and provide recommendations for best practices on; policy and procedures, governance, organizational matters such as mission and vision and organization structure, including an evaluation of compensation.

A CEO search is the third leg of the journey. A committee has been formed which includes board members as well as external business and community members. The committee has selected Wheless Partners out of Birmingham, Alabama as the firm that will conduct the nation-wide search. They expect to have a decision by early fall.

In addition, I shared some information about Goodwill Omaha and its impact on people and the community.


  • 524 – # of employees on December 31
  • 151 – # of employees who identify as having a disability
  • $12.21 – Average hourly wage of participants placed in jobs
  • 1916 – People enrolled in Goodwill Omaha programs in 2016
  • 619 – # of jobs found by Goodwill Omaha program participants
  • 23,413 – # of job basic readiness services provided to the community
    • i.e. resumé building, mock interviews, etc.
  • 1,399,508 – # of total retail transactions
  • 545,552 – Pounds of recycled computers and electronics
  • 6,837,651 – Pounds of clothing and textiles diverted from landfills

Click here to view Goodwill Omaha’s First Quarter Agency Update for 2017.

We hope the article reflects the significant changes I see in the organization already, the efforts to prepare for the future and more importantly that Goodwill Omaha will be well lead, have a great work culture and be a strong community advocate for those we serve.

Pauli Bishop
Interim CEO
Goodwill Omaha

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