Announcing Senior Discount Days!

Exciting news! Senior Discount Days is here! On the first Wednesday of each month, customers 55 years of age and above, will receive 10% off their entire purchase. See store for details!

Customer Appreciation Days!















We would like to say THANK YOU to all of our customers! Because of loyal customers like you, in 2016 Goodwill has been able to provide over 22,000 employment services to people in our community.

Please join us for a 2-day sale! All customers will receive 10% off, and if you are a Goodwill cardholder, you’ll receive 20% off!

During our sale we will be having popcorn, refreshments and we will be doing merchandise credit drawings, goody bags and coloring pages for children.

And don’t forget to also sign up for our big giveaway!

Two lucky winners from each store will receive 20% off for a whole year!



The BOO!dwill Halloween Costume Contest won’t stay dead, nor should it! Because it’s that time a year again when you need to start thinking “Halloween costume” and “Goodwill” in the same sentence!

Goodwill is an awesome place to shop for Halloween costumes. Are you someone who likes to dream up some creative outfit and enjoys the hunt for just the right pieces? We have nineteen stores around town where you can find those costume ingredients. Or are you someone who just wants a quick and easy costume so you’re not the person dressed up as “suburbanite” or “adult” at the Halloween party? We’ve got plenty of more traditional costumes too! And no matter which camp you fall into, your costume purchases at Goodwill stores help put people to work — and they can win you some treats.

We want to see what you’ve come up with by shopping at our stores, so it’s time show off your costume and win prizes in the process — by entering the BOO!dwill Halloween Costume Contest!

To enter:
1. Between now and 5 p.m. on Monday, November 2, 2015, e-mail a photo of yourself in a costume you either purchased or assembled from items purchased at an Omaha area Goodwill to [email protected].

Updated: This years contest will be based on Facebook likes. Please visit the Boo!dwill 2015 Facebook Album and like your favorite costume. Only “likes” will determine our winner, shares and comments are not needed in order to win..

2. In the email, tell us your name, how to contact you, and at which store(s) you bought your costume.

That’s it! We’ll be sharing the entries as we receive them on our Facebook wall. On Wednesday, November 11, the voting will close, and the top three will all receive Goodwill gift certificates ($100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd, $25 for 3rd)!

If you have any questions, post them here in the comments or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. And if you’d like some inspiration, check out last year’s finalists or television coverage of some of our Halloween offerings:

Finding Affordable Halloween Costumes a Real Treat – WOWT Omaha
Shop Goodwill for Halloween Costumes – KMTV Omaha

Good luck!

#ThriftyThursday – Gretna at a Glance

Gretna Employees Jane Aschtgen and Mary Kratochvil

Gretna Employees Jane Aschtgen and Mary Kratochvil

I recently had the chance to visit one of the newer stores in the Goodwill fleet, Gretna. Gretna Goodwill opened in October of 2013 and the set up went as smoothly as possible.   I had a chance to speak with Jane Aschtgen and Mary Kratochvil both of whom are employees, about the stores origins and the challenges and successes the store has faced. After the smooth setup customers didn’t flock to the store as fast as expected mainly because many people didn’t even know the store was there. After a little bit of time the word got out and people began to fill the store. Locals from Gretna are the most common customers but people from Lincoln even make the trip to find a good deal. Jane and Mary said sometimes the store even gets some customers traveling across the country that stop in to see what’s happening. I asked both of them what the most interesting thing sold at the store was and I got some pretty interesting answers. As I asked this question Helen Kneisel, one of the cashiers, quickly chirped in and said the most interesting thing she saw was a massage chair but she admitted that it might have been the most interesting because she was the one who bought it. They brought me over to the donations to show me a TOILET SEAT that someone had donated. The toilet seat probably won’t end up being put on the floor to be sold but you never know what is going to come through the donation door. They also both agreed the 1970’s polyester dresses that are donated are one of the cooler items. Brenda Powell, one of the donated goods processor said one of the best finds she had was a zither. I think she noticed the confused look on my face to what a zither is and she quickly explained that it is a musical instrument similar to a guitar but it is played like a piano. I next asked them what the best part of working at Goodwill is and they both looked at each other and agreed it has to be the people. You never know who is going to walk through the door and it is always so much fun to interact with such a diverse group. My last question for them was which day is the busiest? Neither of them worked weekends so during the week they both agreed Mondays are the busiest because the Color of the Week changes and a whole new possibility of savings open up. I visited the store on a pretty rainy day so I asked if people still came in on rainy days and to my disbelief the rainier days usually have the bigger crowds because shoppers want something to do because lying by the pool isn’t an option for the day.

Gretna 4 Wheeler

Gretna 4 Wheeler

After thanking the two for taking time out of their busy schedule it was then my time to look through the store to try and find some neat items and to no surprise I most certainly did. One of the items that really caught my eye was a child electric 4-wheeler. I thought of how much fun I would have had with that as a child.

4th of July Shelf at Gretna

4th of July Shelf at Gretna

The 4th of July is quickly approaching and you never know what cool decoration you might find on the 4th of July shelf. After an exciting trip to Gretna I can’t wait to go back and visit!

#ThriftyThursday – College Livin’

It’s about that time of year again.  In less than two months, colleges will reopen their doors to eager young minds, just waiting to learn.  There are a few things most college students have in common.  One of them, of course, is that they aren’t rich .  Those in college show their lack of funds in many way; driving old model cars, living on ramen noodles, and furnishing their apartments at Goodwill.   But when you shop at Goodwill Omaha, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality furniture and accessories at a pretty sweet price.  Which means more money for books.  Or beer.

First and foremost, you need a couch.  A super comfy couch.  A couch for studying, sleeping, and all-day Netflix sessions.  I headed out to one of Goodwill’s newest stores to check out their selection.  Our Gretna location had a few couches to choose from.  This was the most comfortable:


This striped couch has super comfy cushions, padded armrests, and enough room for laying out all of your notes.  It’s in great condition and under $40, which is a great investment to last through your whole college career.

Tables are also a necessity.  While you might not want to sit down and eat dinner every night, a table brings a sense of home into your college apartment.  You can host dinner and parties with friends, have study groups at home, or impress dates with home cooked meals.



This wood table comes with four chairs for under $70.  Pick up some dishes to go with, and you’re set.  And with dishes, you’ll need drink wear.  These plastic margarita glasses are great for fun nights with friends, and are a steal at only $.39 each.


Now, if you really want to impress your friends, Goodwill in Gretna had two apartment furnishings that are sure to be a hit, for less than $90 total.

First, be like our favorite “Friends” Chandler and Joey and put a foosball table in your place.  Games will serve as a great study break.

IMG_6219 IMG_6223

And, obviously, the TV.  This huge 52″ HDTV will withstand a beating from college kids, while still giving you a great HD picture.  And, yes, it works!  Hook up your game system and you’re ready for a hours of fun, on your new Goodwill couch, obviously.


College years are some of the best, enjoy them without spending all of your (or your parent’s) hard-earned money with help from Goodwill.  Happy Shopping!




#ThriftyThursday – preparing for next season

Think about what makes you donate to Goodwill – your closet is too full, something doesn’t fit right, or it’s spring cleaning time.

Spring cleaning brings lots of donations to Goodwill stores, donations for all seasons of clothes, especially winter coats and accessories.  So, by keeping an open mind, you might just find the perfect item for next season.

During a quick trip to our newest store in Gretna (11722 Standing Stone Drive), I found three awesome coats that were a pretty sweet bargain.

Laundry Coat

This mid-length houndstooth winter coat by Laundry is perfect for chilly days when you need to still look nice.  It matches nearly everything, while being super fun & cute.

Anthropologie coat

A lighter coat, this funky-patterned jacket from Anthropologie’s Cidra line is perfect for crisp fall days.

Limited Jacket

To get into the Easter spirit, grab this bright yellow patterned jacket by the Limited.  You can wear this with jeans to keep yourself warm outside, or with a little black dress in the office year-round.

I forgot to mention the best part – ALL of the coats were only $.99!  That is an unbeatable deal, even if the items hang out in your closet while we forget how cold Nebraska gets during the winter.  Head to Goodwill now, stock up on some great winter gear – you’ll be glad you did come November (or next week, you never know in Nebraska).