10 Things You Should Never, Ever Pass Up If You See Them at Goodwill

All Bark and No Bite: Goodwill® Deals for Dog-Lovers

Since pets are members of the family, too, it only makes sense that we want to pour as much effort into their needs as we do into our own. That means that we’re often tempted to customize their accessories to suit their furry little personalities. So, today we’ll be sharing some drool-worthy doggy decor and dressings made from Goodwill finds!

Photo 1

Image via landeeseelandeedo.com

Big ugly dog beds can be such an eye-sore, but owners often cringe to think that their darlings have to curl up on the hard floor. What’s a person to do? Well, make a place for Rover to sleep that looks as cute as it does cozy. For inspiration, check out this round-up put together by blogger Landeelu. I can’t decide which one is my favorite, but I’ve narrowed it down to either the Goodwill dresser that has been hollowed out into a nook for bigger dogs or the bed for small dogs that’s made from a thrifted sweater. Which one would your doggo dig the most?


Image via petfinder.com

There are plenty of options for dog collars out there, but they all mostly follow the same bland design—nylon webbing with a plastic buckle. If the color and pattern variation of that sort of collar have never been stylish enough for your best friend, why not dress up their dog tags with a fancy DIY collar? Make your mutt her his or her own quirky collar by shopping the kids’ section of Goodwill in search of a button-down shirt in a pattern you like. Snip out the collar of the shirt, attach tags, and button it around your pup’s neck! Thanks to Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana (New Orleans) for sharing this great idea on their DIY Goodwill Finds Pinboard. Click through for even more easy thrift-craft ideas like this one.

Photo 3

Image via facebook.com/GoodwillSouthernAZ

Doggy decor is a fun way to capture our love of our best friends within the context of our homes. These little ceramic pups shared by Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona (Tucson) on their Facebook page would make perfect paperweights or decorative accents. As you browse Goodwill’s shelves on your next visit, keep a look out for figurines of your favorite breed. And don’t let a terrible paint job stop you! Thrifted finds can be quickly covered up with a fresh color for customized decor. (Psst! If you’re in the Tucson area, make sure you click through to your local Goodwill’s Facebook page to get the details for the Dress Your Pet Contest which runs through August 31st!)

Hopefully these ideas will send you and your hound off into the weekend with tails wagging. While you shop for project supplies, don’t forget that your support helps Goodwill organizations change lives by training unemployed or underemployed people for careers in fields such as automotive services, construction, health care, information technology, manufacturing, hospitality and retail as well as in other high-demand industries. So, have fun with your dog-themed DIYs as you and your pup benefit your local community.

This blog shared from Goodwill Industries International. See original blog here.

The Perfect Birthday Party Using Supplies From Goodwill

Every year for my daughter’s birthday, I try to pull off a Pinterest party.  You know what I’m talking about – the perfect birthday party that has fancy food and crafty decorations galore.  More often than not that awesome idea I found on Pinterest ended up flopping or I run out of time.  But this year… this year was different!

This year I had found a bunch of ideas for an ice cream-themed party that I really liked, and also thought could be fairly easy.  With the help of Goodwill, I was able to pull together a super cute ice cream social for my daughter!

I found great little ice cream dishes at Goodwill that I used to put the toppings in.  The dishes ranged between 59 cents and 99 cents.  I thought they added that perfect touch for the party!

Another purchase from Goodwill was old picture frames that I spray painted gold.  I had a number of FREE prints that I found on Pinterest – everyone loves free right!  The prints went in the painted frames and were used as decoration around the party.

This year, I am happy to say that our party was a success and thanks to Goodwill I was able to find deals that enhanced our ice cream theme!



What can we do today? #ThriftyThursday

As we get deep into the dog days of summer, I continue to wonder what kind of activities that I can do with my son to keep him occupied and happy.  Thanks to Goodwill, we are always able to find items to include in our fun indoor and outdoor activities.

During my last thrifty sIMG_0594hopping spree, I found plenty of items in include in my arsenal of answers to “What can we do today?” As I browsed the vast number of books in my local store I was able to find some fun age-appreciate books for my one year old.

We spend several hours a day reading books, so it is always nice to find new books that we can add to our collection that are budget-friendly.  IMG_0595

My journey continued, I love being able to browse around and see what bargains I can find. My son enjoys watching children’s programs every now and again.  I was able to pick up educational movies to keep my son entertained, when he can sit still.

Goodwill has an ever-changing amount of toys and stuffed animals for children. For a thrifty $.99 I was able to pick up a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. Mickey seems to be my son’s current fascinationIMG_0592. The toy department is always chocked-full of fun items. I was able to find my son a fun Little Tikes ball toy. This will help us as we work on his hand eye coordination and motor development.

So when the weekend comes and you have run out of ideas of what can we do today, head over to Goodwill. Pick up a book, a movie and a toy. These items will surely entertain your children. And you will feel good knowing that because you shopped at Goodwill you’re making a difference in our community.

#ThriftyThursday for America

The Fourth of July only comes around once a year. You want to look good.  How do you strike a balance between looking great (and maybe patriotic) while not breaking the bank?  You go to Goodwill of course!

Yesterday, I stopped at Goodwill’s Benson Park Plaza store and found a variety of styles that would be prefect for any Fourth celebration.

Let’s start casual.

fourth casual

These three outfits would be great for any firework show, hanging by the lake, or a barbecue at your friend’s house.  First, I paired some trendy white overalls with a striped tee.  This is not an overly-patriotic look, which still embracing today’s style.  The overalls are a comfortable option for all-day wear, and even over a swimsuit at the pool.

Next, I found an America-blue colored short dress with back cutouts.  This dress was brand new – still had the tags on!  Pair it with some red shoes and a white necklace and you’re good to go for the Fourth.

One of my favorite finds of the day was this unique stars and stripes sweater.  It’s perfect to pair with some jeans or shorts that you already own.  Throw it on over your day clothes to keep warm while watching fireworks at night.

fouth dressy

These next looks are more dressy. For a wear-any day outfit, this coral flowy dress is perfect to keep you cool. Or pair it with a cardigan to help keep warm indoors.

If you’re working on the Fourth, keep it festive by looking for red, white, and blue in your pieces.  I found a cute white blouse and paired it with a textured blue skirt.  Or, you can go full-on patriotic with a look like this blue and white polka dotted blouse I matched with a red pencil skirt.


Have a safe and happy Fourth of July – and happy thrifting!

DIY For Your Home

Goodwill is a store with many different items that will fill many different needs. All of these items are used but some of them may need some TLC in order to fill your needs. If you’re anything like me, you love DIY projects. I am constantly looking on Pinterest to see what project I can do next and complete for cheap (with help from Goodwill, of course). Goodwill’s variety of items allows people like me (craft obsessed) to thrive and create all sorts of items without breaking the bank. Here are a few of my favorite DIY projects that can be completed with items that can be found at your local Goodwill!

diy chair 2 diy chair diy dresser diy nightstand diy rack



My Goodwill Experience

As my time at Goodwill comes to an end, I have to look back at all of the experiences I have been given over the past four months. This internship has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have learned so much from so many different people here, that I wouldn’t even know where to begin if someone were to ask me what my favorite part about my internship was. Instead of getting sappy and sentimental (not really my style), I wanted to give some pointers or advice to the next intern who steps into my place at the Omaha Goodwill office.

  1. You will meet EVERYONE: Goodwill is an amazing organization with so many unique people from all different walks of life. Every single one of my coworkers comes from a different background and I can honestly say I have learned something valuable from each and every one of them during my time at Goodwill. Be prepared to meet a ridiculous number of people. It’ll be hard to remember everyone’s name on the first day, but you’ll get the hang of it.
  2. You will get to visit some great places: Goodwill holds many different contracts at places all around town. Because of these contracts, I got to go to some cool places like the ROC (the Goodwill warehouse), Zorinsky Federal Building and the Offutt Air force Base. I never would have thought that working at Goodwill would allow me to watch fighter jets take off and do practice laps or see the inside of a national security building. These field trips were some of my favorite days of work, so get ready for some cool adventures!
  3. You will learn A LOT: Wowza, where do I even begin? Coming in my first day, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I was working a marketing internship, but being at a non-profit, I didn’t really know what my job would entail. On my first day I learned everything there is to know about Goodwill and about every single thing that they do for the community. Let me tell you, my mind almost exploded with information! I never knew one organization could help out a community in so many ways like Goodwill does. After I got acquainted, I got to get into the marketing and let me tell you, I learned A LOT more in this area. I learned about advertising, design, e-mail blasts, communication, and app design just to name a few. The amount of valuable knowledge that I have gained in the past four months is astonishing and it will stick with me forever. Be warned, your brain will feel like it’s going to explode with information but it’s totally worth it.
  4. Enjoy every minute of it: I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of my internship. It wasn’t always the most exciting or glamorous job, but it was always a learning experience. There will be days when you get bored, but never be afraid to ask for more work or ask for help, everyone in this office has a kind soul and they will drop everything they’re doing to help you. I am sad to be leaving Goodwill, but it will forever have a piece of my heart.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? A mental health disorder is a disease that causes mild to severe disturbances in thought and/or behavior, resulting in an inability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routines. There are over 200 classified forms of mental illness but some examples include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors. Every year, about 42.5 million American adults suffer from some sort of mental illness.

Mental Health Awareness Month was founded in 1949 by the Mental Health America organization.  Every year during the Month of May, many different organizations (NAMI, MHA, NHA, etc.) run different activities which are based on the theme of that given year. This year’s theme is Life with a Mental Illness. According to the Mental Health America organization’s website, the purpose behind this year’s theme is to call on individuals to share what life with a mental illness feels like for them in words, pictures, and videos. They are encouraged to use the hashtag #mentalillnessfeelslike or submit their work to the MHA website (anonymously, of course). The posts will be collected and displayed on a special page on the MHA website. The MHA believes that posting the hashtag will allow people to speak up about their own experiences, share their points of view with individuals who may be struggling with the same illness, and help others figure out if they are showing signs of a mental illness.

Mental illnesses are very common and there are many symptoms that go along with the different disorders. Because there are so many, it’s hard to pinpoint definite symptoms for all of them together. Some of the more common symptoms include: confused thinking, prolonged sadness, feelings of extreme highs and lows, excessive fears, worries and anxieties, social withdrawal, dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits, strong feelings of anger, delusions, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, numerous unexplained physical ailments, or a growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities.

Living with a mental illness is a struggle that many people will experience firsthand or through a friendship or family member. If you want to learn more about mental health disorders, go to nami.org or mentalhealthamerica.org. If you think that you or someone you know may have a mental health disorder, contact your doctor right away. Whether you’re struggling with a mental health disorder, know someone who is struggling, or just want to help, remember that you are not alone. Together, we can all raise awareness for mental health and fight the stigma that comes along with these disorders.



Family Game Night

Tired of doing the same thing everything night? Looking for fun and affordable activities to do as a family? Stop by your favorite thrift store and pick up everything you need in order to put on a fun-filled family game night. This affordable option will be sure to bring you and your family hours of fun and laughter.

Pack up everyone and head over to Goodwill to pick out your favorite games and even some inexpensive prizes for your winners.  Such a variety, everything from classics to creative family games. When it comes to finding the perfect board game to fit your family, Goodwill is sure to please!

How about the classics?







This tried and true game night favorite is not only fun but also educational. Monopoly will teach your family the importance of money management and wise real estate investments. Take a twist on the traditional with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles version, use your inner turtle powers to conquer the game board.







Settle sibling rivalries with an oldie but a goodie. Checkers lets your kids strategize on how to successfully beat their sibling and settle whose turn it is to wash the dishes or take out the trash.







In the fast paced world of texting, your spelling skills may have taken a hit. Enhance your vocabulary and help your kids with their spelling. By the end of the night Scrabble will have you adding fun new words to add to your conversations.

Let’s get creative!







Fun games that will have your family’s creative juices flowing and have them laughing along the way. Try to figure out what your family is thinking with Conga. Hone your inner artistic skills with Scribblish and create fun drawings that tell stories.

No matter which game you choose, you are sure to have a fun family game night with Goodwill!

Goodwill, good for you, great for the community!

T-Shirt DIY with Goodwill

Have you noticed that you have a lot of t-shirts you completely forgot that you owned? While Goodwill is the perfect place to send all of your old t-shirts, it’s understandable that you may want to keep a few of them for memorabilia. You’re probably thinking, I have a t-shirt from my 4th grade trip to Disney World, there’s no way I can wear this, so what should I do with it? Instead of wearing the too-small shirt, you can breathe new life into it with our DIY projects! Here are a few of my favorites:

T-Shirt quilt

t-shirt quild

A quilt is a great way to display a collection of shirts that you no longer wear.  Add a colorful border and you have a keepsake to cherish for years!

T-shirt bag

tshirt bag

If you don’t have the sewing skills to make an entire quilt, maybe a shirt bag is more your speed – no thread required.  This project is great for kids!

T-shirt headband

tshirt headbands

You can never get enough headbands!  Rock a unique style with these four different t-shirt headband tutorials.

T-shirt pillow

tshirt pillow

Display your team spirit or make a one-of-a-kind room decoration.  Throw pillows are great for all areas of the home and this simple project will make your style shine!


Old t-shirts are great for DIY projects. Don’t have any t-shirts but want to do a DIY project? Head over to Goodwill where there is a plethora of t-shirts at an incredibly affordable price!