Are you looking to fulfill community service hours? Looking to volunteer your time at a local non-profit? You’ve landed in the right place! At Goodwill, we have two programs available for you. Goodwill thrives with the support of our community, and we are happy to provide theses opportunities. If you are interested, please see the options below.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours are considered to be donated work time by a citizen, club organization or hours that are required as criteria to graduate from high school.

How Do I Volunteer?

For volunteer hours, please see our locations listing, select the location of your choice, and contact the store manager to arrange availability of duties and volunteer hours.

Community Service Hours

Community service hours are considered to be court-ordered service hours that an individual is required to fulfill. Community service hours must be approved by our Employment Solutions team prior to the start date.

How do I sign up for Community Service?

To sign up for Community Service, please contact Sarah Alba at [email protected] or 402-231-1978 to learn more, or to begin the approval process.

To be contacted via email about these opportunities, please complete the form below:

Don’t forget, if you are in need of other employment assistance, check out all of Goodwill’s employment programs here.