Generosity Abounds

Dropping off a surprise donation at the Open Door Mission on Monday.
Members of the retail team from our store near 78th & Dodge dropped off a surprise donation at the Open Door Mission on Monday.

Employees at our Goodwill Retail Store & Donation Center near 78th and Dodge in Omaha had an unusual encounter on Monday, Dec. 21: A gentleman entered the store and said he wanted to purchase $500 of clothing. Now, while it’s true that we don’t often see a single purchase of hundreds of dollars, the amount wasn’t even the most spectacular part of this story.

The man added that he wanted to anonymously donate the clothing to the Open Door Mission in Omaha. What’s more, he asked our 78th & Dodge retail team to select the items, explaining that they know better than he does what types of clothing people need and purchase most often. So, our team went to work — shopping!

Once they’d selected a variety of clothing in a range of men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, members of the retail team loaded up all the bags of clothing and brought them to the Open Door Mission.

The best part of this story? This generous donor’s gift benefited TWO nonprofit organizations: Proceeds from his (and all) purchases at Goodwill Omaha stores support our organization’s employment programs and services for people in our community with disabilities and other disadvantages, and his donation to the Open Door Mission provides much-needed clothing for unhoused people in our community. Now, that’s what we call holiday magic!