With some kids in school while others are distance learning, parents are experiencing the uncertain future of the novel coronavirus in more ways. Many have been hesitant to spend a fortune on back-to-school clothes and necessities if their children are going to sit around at home. Still, your kiddos may need some items to refresh their wardrobe, especially when the weather turns chilly in the fall and winter months.

We have good news for you: You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes for your kids. Goodwill Omaha has the threads kids and teens want at the prices you want. Think Goodwill for back-to-school shopping this year! Once you’ve seen our bargain prices on racks and racks of gently used clothing, accessories, shoes, bookbags and more, Goodwill just might become your back-to-school go-to every year.

Want more reasons to shop Goodwill for back-to-school?

The types of clothes kids need probably depends on whether they’re in a classroom, distance learning at home or doing a little of both. With the coronavirus sending everything, including schools, to an unpredictable state of flux, many parents are skeptical about spending hundreds of dollars on clothes that kids may grow out of before they even have a chance to wear them. Goodwill Omaha’s racks are filled with gently worn clothing for kids of all ages — and you might be surprised to find how many items you pick up for yourself! From preppy to trendy, kids (and parents) are certain to find something they love at Goodwill.

These aren’t your grandma’s thrift stores. Although grandmas do enjoy our stores! If you haven’t visited a Goodwill Omaha retail location in long time, you’ll probably be surprised — and impressed! — when you enter any of our stores today. They’re clean, organized, well-stocked and staffed with friendly employees who love to help shoppers of all ages find items they’re looking for and create looks they love. The clothes on our racks are gently used and in very good condition, so you can feel confident about shopping at our stores.

Fun Fact: Wondering what happens to donated clothing that doesn’t pass our inspection for the racks? Goodwill recycles millions of pounds of clothing every year. For real. In fact, in 2019, Goodwill Omaha recycled nearly 5.5 million pounds (more than 2,747 tons) of clothing and textiles.

Goodwill is eco-friendly and sustainable. Speaking of recycling, when you shop at Goodwill, you’re recycling and showing kindness for the earth. Someone donates items they no longer need or want but that are in great condition, we put them on our racks and shelves, and you and your kids find just what you’re looking for in our stores — that’s the very definition of recycling!

Kids grow — sometimes rapidly. If your child has reached an age where they’ve already outgrown clothes that fit just a few months ago when you bought them, then Goodwill is for you. Although we can’t stop kids from growing, we can make it affordable to buy new clothes for them after a growth spurt.

Let teens experiment to find their own style. Preteens and teens are often searching for their own unique style, and Generation Z is definitely into finding their own personal styles. That usually takes some trial and error. Although you know they’ll quickly tire of clomping around in the frankenboots with a 4-inch platform that your kid absolutely MUST have, you’ll feel a lot better about buying them at Goodwill’s discounted price, especially once they’re discarded into the bottomless depths of your teen’s closet. At Goodwill, anyone can discover their own personal style without breaking the bank. You and the kids will be amazed at the contemporary, trendy and brand-name styles awaiting you inside Goodwill stores!

Goodwill stores have more than just clothes. From backpacks and shoes to sports equipment, organizers and desks, Goodwill has the items kids need to head back to school in style — and at an affordable price. Now, that’s smart!

You can find even more deals by shopping Goodwill Omaha online. You may not know that Goodwill Omaha has several online storefronts where you and your kids can find fantastic deals from Goodwill Omaha! Visit our online store links to find the season’s hottest looks, high-value and designer styles, rare or hard-to-find collectibles, and much more. Looking for a cello for music class, a refurbished laptop for your middle-schooler or a vintage typewriter for the budding writer in your family? Just click here to find links to our online storefronts.

The money you spend at Goodwill Omaha stores provides crucial funding for our employment training, certification and placement programs. We put more people in our communities to work with our employment programs. Whether helping people with disabilities and other disadvantages find jobs they love or assisting job seekers of all levels navigate the current job market, Goodwill’s employment programs help people and communities realize the power of work. Click here to learn more about the programs Goodwill Omaha’s retail stores subsidize.