Old Computers? Recycle Them With Goodwill

GoodBytes, located at 8457 West Center Road in Canfield’s Plaza, is Goodwill Omaha’s recycled computer store, and it’s packed with computers, monitors, keyboards, peripherals, video game consoles and games, and many other electronics and acgoodbytes-smallcessories. It’s the perfect place to find first-time computers for kids, college students — or even yourself. From laptops, monitors, printers and keyboards to gaming systems, peripherals, accessories and dozens of other computer and electronics parts, you’ll find plenty of treasures during your GoodBytes hunt!

Technology changes so rapidly that many people are left with piles of older electronics they don’t use or that are incompatible with newer software. What to do with all those? Donate them at any Goodwill donation center for recycling or resale at our GoodBytes store.

IMG_5959In 2018, GoodBytes and Goodwill Omaha
recycled 479,046 pounds of computers
and electronics.


What does Goodwill do with nonfunctional used computer equipment? 
Through our partnership with the Dell Reconnect computer recycling program, GoodBytes and Goodwill Omaha accept intact residential personal computers, printers, monitors and accessories, even if they no longer work.

Our highly trained technicians safely disassemble CPUs and sort the various components, then we responsibly recycle them, eliminating environmental damage from landfill disposal. GoodBytes and Goodwill Omaha take pride in our partnership with Dell Reconnect as one way we can do our part to help keep electronics out of landfills and preserve the environment for future generations.

What about security?
GoodBytes and Goodwill Omaha take the privacy of our donors very seriously, and we take great care and concern for all devices that could possibly contain customer data. We do ask that donors do their best to delete any sensitive information that may be on their devices before donating them. Once your computers or devices are in our hands, our technicians perform a four-step process:

Phase I: Technicians secure all reusable systems and hard drives — as well as any materials they’ll send for recycling — in a secured, monitored area that only the GoodBytes manager and techs can access until materials are processed. Machines that are not refurbished at our location are palletized in our secure facility until they are shipped to Dell Reconnect’s main processing facility, which follows or exceeds the same stringent standards.IMG_5262

Phase II: Once technicians determine which desktop and laptop computers are viable for refurbishing, they remove the hard drives from the computers to be refurbished and test them using noninvasive means to determine viability. This test is the low-level variety, which only shows the hard drive’s overall health and the duration it has been in use. This means we do not look at anyone’s personal data, ever.

Phase III: Once a hard drive’s viability has been determined, GoodBytes technicians perform a rigorous, three-pass Department-of-Defense-standard data-wiping process on all drives prior to reuse in other equipment. We use professionally licensed commercial software to accomplish this, as we take this process and your personal information seriously.

Phase IV: GoodBytes techs select random hard drives from every wiping session and verify there is no retrievable data on them. The Dell Reconnect program sends an independent auditor annually to verify that the data on the hard drives has been erased, that no personal data remains, and that our process conforms to and even exceeds their rigorous standards for data security. GoodBytes has passed this audit in every instance since we started our partnership with Dell Reconnect.

Find Your Next Computer at GoodBytes

For devices that we refurbish, GoodBytes technicians clean them up and inspect for internal damage, insert a refurbished and tested harIMG_5960d drive, install Windows, and update the software and drivers. Once we refurbish these items, we sell them in our GoodBytes store. You’ll find quality merchandise added to our GoodBytes shelves and online storefront every day. Our refurbished computers run the latest version of Windows 10 and essential basic programs. And, with prices varying from $80 to $200, you won’t find a better deal on a new-to-you computer.

Need computer or electronics parts? You’ll find those at GoodBytes, too. We stock a wide variety of used components in our store, as well as bare-bones systems without hard drives for our DIY customers. Whether you need a spare monitor, printer, sound card or speakers, check out what we have at GoodBytes. We also carry a wide variety of used game consoles, accessories and games for most major consoles.

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