Goodwill Omaha Welcomes New Members to Executive Team

Two new directors help position the organization for success

Over the last two months, Omaha’s Goodwill Industries, Inc., has welcomed several employees to its headquarters staff, including two new members of its executive team. As the organization continues efforts to grow in order to increase the number of people its employment programs serve in the Omaha area, CEO Dr. Michael McGinnis backfilled one of these positions with a former member of his team at the Strategic Air Command (SAC) & Aeronautics Museum.

Elaine Leibert joined Goodwill’s team as finance director in December. Leibert has nearly 25 years of experience in the finance industry, and her previous role was as COO at the SAC Museum. Her past roles include controller positions where she oversaw finance departments at multiple locations and with budgets exceeding $50 million. Her expertise includes financial analysis, budgeting and strategic planning.

“Although I worked at for-profit businesses for the majority of my career, I’ve spent the past eight years working for nonprofit organizations,” Leibert said. She described herself as an “operations-focused leader who consistently looks to improve efficiencies and transparency for both internal and external customers.”

Erin Blackledge, PHR, has worked in Goodwill’s human relations department since May 2013, when she started as an HR specialist. In late-December, she accepted a position as Goodwill’s HR director, a testament to her exemplary record and continued professional development. In addition to the HR department, Blackledge oversees Goodwill’s safety program and loss prevention employees.

“The Goodwill HR team over the past six and half years has done a tremendous job at involving, training, developing and including me in all levels of HR, safety and loss prevention,” Blackledge said. “With assistance from other department leaders, as well as my own personal drive and motivation to become successful, I have grown from an entry-level HR position to the director of HR overseeing HR, safety and loss prevention.”

“Staff changes can be challenging, but I think we’ve seen very smooth transitions with these roles,” McGinnis said. “I think we have the right people in the right roles, and that’s made all the difference. I’m excited to see all the ways their contributions help expand our programs and broaden our vision.”