Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

This simple concept is the inspiration behind the Earth Day Omaha activities: turning a t-shirt in to a tank top, tote bag, scarf, headband, or bracelet. No sewing, no gluing! You only need a t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and access to the Goodwill blog, where all this week, we’ll be sharing the instructions on how to make these great t-shirt projects.

Not only do you get to reuse an old t-shirt and repurpose it in to a fashionable, fun, and useful item, you are able divert the amount of trash going to a landfill and reduce the new materials you are consuming.

Come back tomorrow when we walk you through the steps to create a tank top, and come back each day until Friday to learn how to make scarves, headbands and tote bags!