Your Contribution Supports Jobs in Our Communities

Last year, more than 230,000 people throughout the United States and Canada used Goodwill’s employment services to find long-term, meaningful jobs. That’s right, one out of every 275 people who went to work in the United States did so with the help of Goodwill! Your material donations and financial contributions* allow Goodwill to continue providing services to people who need help learning career skills, getting additional training, finding jobs or advancing in the workplace.

Goodwill Omaha has several mission programs that provide services for job seekers who have disabilities, who lack education or job experience, and who face challenges or barriers to finding employment. Last year, we helped thousands of people in our community obtain the training and job placement services they needed to find meaningful employment.

*Monetary gifts to Goodwill Omaha are tax-deductible, as provided by law.