Goodwill Omaha works hard to improve the employability of our program participants and staff. Here are a few examples of how Goodwill’s mission is at work at our 156th & Maple location:

Sam Gonzelez (r), a clerk at our store at 156th & Maple, is helping Marlene Mosher (l), a clothing processor, learn the ins-and-outs of the computerized register. Marlene hopes to some day be considered for an assistant manager position at one of Goodwill’s 15 retail locations.

Work Experience is Goodwill Omaha’s longest-running training program. We help high school students with special needs develop job skills for successful future careers. Chris Casey (l), a Goodwill Work Experience trainer, has a great working relationship with Dennisha B. and Jake C. (r), who are processing clothing at the 156th & Maple store.

Goodwill is opening a new store in Gretna this October! To provide the best customer service possible, Goodwill has already started hiring quality people. But where do they train while the walls are going up in Gretna? At Goodwill’s other metro area facilities! Diann Kollbaum (l) will be a sorter/hanger when Gretna’s doors open, but she’s been training/working at 156th & Maple. Julie Bell (r) store manager at 156th, was excited to take Diann under her wing. Even with Diann’s hearing impairment, the two have found a way to communicate and get the job done.

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One thought on “Mission at work: 156th & Maple

  • Dennisha B is my daughter and has thrived in the work experience program. She has grown by leaps and bounds, and is ready to conquer the world. Her growth in the understanding of how business works and how to maintain in a professional manner has been eye-opening. She has learned so much and I am very grateful for this opportunity. Hats off to the WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!

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