The October Town Hall meeting is always one of the most fun here at Goodwill. In addition to all of the regular fun at Town Hall — the slideshows, the guest speakers, the awards — we also have the annual costume contest, and this year’s food challenge was a cupcake contest!

We had a packed house this month, with the Durham Community Gathering Room overflowing with Goodwill employees and guests.

Kicking us off was a tribute to Marketing Manager Brent Koster, who celebrates his birthday today.

Kevin Brown, VA Omaha Grounds Maintenance Manager, thanked his grounds crew for a summer of hard work. They recently wrapped up their season at the VA.

Federal Contracts Director Tobi Mathouser then called up all AbilityOne employees and management to honor Glenda Snow with ENCOR, a job coach who works with many AbilityOne employees, who is retiring at the end of the month.

Here’s Glenda with VA Grounds employee Ed Driscoll.

Organizational Development Manager Angie Montgomery then recognized a group of retail managers for successfully completing a new management training program.

Planned Giving Director Erin Swanson awarded Sarah Urick with the October Employee of the Month award. Sarah thought she was being called up to talk about a recent training conference! Sucker.

Then Workforce Services Director Justin Dougherty awarded Career Center Manager Tim Suelter with Manager of the Quarter. Tim thought he was up there to talk about the HWS Career Center grand opening, which he actually was, because it was a big deal. So only halfway-sucker to him!

Brent joined the fun.

Then it was Halloween costume parade time! Starting off were READY Specialist Sandy Ferrucci and Customer Connect Intake Coordinator Heather Carrico as Psy and a background dancer. They had the dance down really well!

Custodial Supervisor Luz Santiago was Judge Judy!

Organizational Development Manager Angie Montgomery and Compliance Coordinator Eric Syphers were Dancing with the Stars!

Quality Assurance Coordinator Shari Suelter and Lead Custodian Tom Bessey were Wayne and Garth!

Planned Giving Director Erin Swanson was a sheriff!

Sandy and Heather react to being announced winners of the “Most Creative” category.

Customer Connect Case Manager Gwen Murrell, a spider web, poses with fellow Customer Connect Case Manager Jennifer Hoye, who won the “Best Lookalike” category for her portrayal of Flo from the Progressive ads!

Then it was cupcake contest time! A crowd gathered to make their selections.

Meanwhile, the judges performed the hard work of deciding on winners…

And as it turns out, our costume contest winners are multi-talented, as they were also our cupcake winners!

Thanks to everyone who joined us this month.