Every week, Goodwill Omaha presents free READY workshops designed to enhance your job readiness skills. The workshops are free and open to the public, and they are held from 1:00pm – 3:00pm at Heartland Workforce Solutions, 5752 Ames Avenue (in Ames Plaza, between 56th and 60th) in Omaha. To sign up, call 402-231-1978.

Here’s what we have coming up this week:

Monday January 14, 2013 – Customer Service Relationships
No matter what your job, customer service is going to come in to play at some point. Good customer service skills enhance the relationships between you and your customers, you and your coworkers and you and your superiors. In some way, we’re all serving somebody else at our jobs. When you can maximize this most important of soft skills, you can make the workplace more satisfying for everyone!

Tuesday January 15, 2013 – Conflict Resolution
We all encounter conflict at some point — what matters is how we respond to it. Are you someone who blows up and unleashes, or are you someone who can step back, examine the situation, and find a productive solution? Good conflict resolution skills determine whether an incident will be harmful or beneficial to your workplace, and it’s never too late to prepare yourself for when disagreement inevitably arises.

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2 thoughts on “This week’s READY workshops – Customer Service Relationships and Conflict Resolution

  • I can’t make either but both topics sound very helpful. Is there a PowerPoint or other word document you plan to review that you’d be willing to share?

  • Hi Blair —

    While we don’t have any materials that we can send you, you’re not completely out of luck. The topics at the READY workshops rotate from week to week, and so these same topics will be covered again in the near future. Keep an eye on this blog or our READY page at http://www.goodwillomaha.org/ready for the new schedule, which will be posted either later this week or early next.

    In the meantime, you can also try our READY program, where a career specialist can give you assistance with issues related to these topics. Check out that READY page at http://www.goodwillomaha.org/ready for information on the program. I’ll also pass along your contact info to our READY career specialist so she can give you more information.

    We hope that helps, and if not, please don’t hesistate to comment again here or email us at [email protected]!

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