Here’s a handful of links that didn’t make it into posts of their own.

  • I feel like we’re running out of original things for people to include in their “Here are some easy ways to go green!” lists that aren’t hit-you-over-the-head obvious, like “Reuse your grocery bags!” or “Turn off the lights when you leave a room!”, but has a List of five ways to go green that include one I haven’t heard or thought of before, at least not in the “going green” context:

    2.Overnight shipping may get your package there in a jiffy, but it also uses a tremendous amount of fuel (not to mention money) to make it happen. If it doesn’t absolutely, positively have to be there overnight, opt for ground shipping, which uses more fuel-efficient trucks to move packages. One insider tip? If you ground ship between major cities that are close to each other, the chances are it will still arrive the next day at the much cheaper ground shipping price. Shipping packages between Philadelphia and New York City or Los Angeles and San Francisco almost always arrive the next day this way.

    You can check out the other four at his site.

  • Spoiler alert: Crafting a Green World’s How to Update a Vintage Cookie Jar tutorial is essentially “find an old cookie jar and spray-paint it white,” but in case seeing this tutorial inspires you to look at some old junk in a new way, I thought I’d take the chance and include it.
  • Artist Chad Wright came up with a poignant way to depict the rising oceans and their implications on modern society. TreeHugger has the details.

Have a great weekend!