A collection of recent links that didn’t end up in posts of their own…

  • Five tutorials on making your own Halloween costumes, several from materials you probably already have lying around the house. Warning: these tutorials are somewhat nerd-targeted (including Transformers, Star Wars and superheroes).
  • Supermarkets are going green. Did you know Goodwill Omaha makes a conscious effort to make its stores as green as possible? For example, you may notice that many of our interior walls are made from OSB.
  • Sustainablog examines recent trends and declares that the Western economic model is unsustainable, making eco-friendly consumption, recycling and repurposing that much more essential.
  • EnergySavvy has an interesting infographic showing that for less than one half the cost of building a new nuclear power plant, we could retrofit 1.6 million homes for increased energy efficiency, create more than ninety times more jobs in the process, and have the same net effect on energy supply.
  • Treehugger shares the work of artist Gregory Kloehn, an artist who has repurposed a dumpster as a luxury one-room home.

Have a great weekend! If you wake up in a dumpster, I hope it has hardwood floors.