By: Chase Moffitt

A young Omaha woman is honored by Goodwill for her courageous journey.

Maurisa Machacha was born in Nebraska, but her parents are natives of Botswana. They were deported, leaving her to fend for herself.

But she hung tough, going to school and working. Late last year she was honored for her efforts and given a car. Tuesday night Maurisa was honored as Goodwill Industries 2014 Achiever of the Year.

“I got a whole bunch of credits done in a shorter period of time than I thought I would and that is just because I had a car, I was able to multi task, I was able to go to work and go to school immediately after. So it drastically changed,” said Maurisa.

She said she sees herself as a flight attendant or a small businessowner. She’s only a few credits away from earning her GED.


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