The idea of shopping at Goodwill can sometimes be overwhelming. There are racks and racks of seeminly random clothes, and you multiply that by twelve as you move across the Omaha metro area thrift stores.

Ashley of Sweet William has attempted to knock down any intimidation would-be first time shoppers might be experiencing. She has shared her Tips for First Time Shoppers at Goodwill of Northern New England’s fashion blog, including these 11 tips for shopping at Goodwill stores:

1. Always go in open minded
2. Eat something first to keep up your energy levels
3. Bring inspirational photos of outfits to recreate
4. Make a list of tops trends to look for
5. Start in one section and slowly make your way around the store, always saving bags and accessories for last
6. For dresses, pants, skirts, and blazers, look through all sizes. Sizes of the past do not always correlate with sizes of today.
7. Try on anything that speaks to you. Whether it is totally your style or something crazy new to try, just do it!
8. The shirt and tee shirt section is always the largest and isn’t always filled with the best stuff, so just skim those racks and pull out anything that jumps out at you. This is always the quickest section for me to go through
9. Remember anything can be altered or reworked. Turn a dress into a top or pants into a skirt. The possibilities are endless when only spending a few dollars.
10. Keep your shopping cart close and your favorite finds closer! Don’t let anyone take advantage of all your hard work!
11. Have fun! You will be surprised at how many cool things you can find and how little you will spend.

Check out more from Ashley at Sweet William and the Goodwill of Northern New England’s fashion blog.

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