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Goodwill’s Employment Solutions program is designed to help people with disabilities and other disadvantages get the job training, certification and skills they need to find independence and success through work. Then, we connect participants with our local business clients to place them in jobs, and we provide ongoing support and retention services for both our program participants and our clients. It’s a win–win.

Goodwill Employment Solutions serves several communities in the Omaha metro, including Council Bluffs, Blair and Fremont, and we work with client companies in those areas to become experts in their operations and foster placements that truly fit their requirements.

Our Employment Solutions specialists build close relationships with many companies across the Omaha metro, learning about their business and hiring needs. As we prepare Employment Solutions program participants with new job training and skills, we learn their needs as well, which helps us match their needs to those of our business clients for successful, long-term job placements.

The Goodwill Employment Solutions Difference
At Goodwill, we’re committed to learning about a potential client company before attempting to place individuals. Our Employment Solutions specialists seek out employment opportunities that will benefit both the participants and the employers; then we continue to provide ongoing support for both.

For job seekers, Goodwill Employment Solutions offers services for anyone looking to join the workforce for the first time, as well as those who are looking for the additional training and skills they need to land better jobs.

We strive to help our participants get back into the workforce by enhancing their job readiness in several ways, including the following:

  • Determining what type of job is right for them
  • Practicing interviewing skills
  • Providing training opportunities
  • Ensuring they have a functional résumé

No Red Tape. No Complicated Forms.
When businesses work with Goodwill’s Employment Solutions team, they’ll discover that we strengthen their hiring efforts with what we call supported employment, so our clients and our program participants can call on us anytime for assistance. We make the hiring experience an easy, streamlined process for everyone.

Employment Solutions specialists work as an extension of our clients’ human resources or recruiting departments. We relate to them one on one to learn more about their company, goals for specific positions and what they want in an employee. Then we assist them in their job search by providing qualified, relevant candidates.

Hiring Events, Training Classes and Career Fairs
Goodwill’s Employment Solutions program also hosts on-site and virtual hiring events, training classes and career fairs — just a few of the ways we help match our client companies with qualified candidates and new prospects. These events are open to the public. We invite businesses of all types to participate in our hiring events and career fairs.

If you are an employer struggling to fill positions, or if you’re a job seeker struggling to find employment, visit our Employment Solutions event page, or call Employment Solutions coordinator Sarah Alba at 402-341-4609 to find out how Goodwill can help meet you achieve your goals.

Employment Solutions strives to get people back into the workforce. Not only do we meet with clients, but we also host onsite hiring events and career fairs.

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