Goodwill attains AbilityOne contracts through Goodwill Specialty Services, Inc. (G.S.S.I.), to provide employment at Federal Properties for individuals with disabilities in a supportive, team-oriented work environment.

AbilityOne Contracts offer full and part-time positions. Employees are assigned to work with a team, under the direct supervision of a team leader. Teams are comprised of 4-5 workers and a team leader.

Long term employment opportunities are available at Offutt Air Force Base, STRATCOM, Offutt Postal Services, the IRS building, the Lincoln Federal Building, and the V.A. Hospital. Federal contracts positions include custodial, postal, and grounds maintenance.

G.S.S.I. has been providing job opportunities to individuals with disabilities since 1989. In 2008, G.S.S.I. employed over 150 individuals, in which 80% were individuals with a disability.


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