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Did you know you can shop at Goodwill without leaving the comfort of your own home? Goodwill Omaha has several online storefronts where you can peruse and purchase great items. Click the links below to visit our online stores.

All Nebraska residents are subject to 7% state sales tax. Items left unpaid for seven days past when payment is due will be relisted.

Online Shopping Options

Create an account and log into our online store to browse our wide array of antiques, jewelry, collectibles, and other unique buys specially selected from Goodwill Omaha’s wide variety of items.

Our GoodBytes online storefront offers great deals on game systems, video games, and computers, whether you’re looking for a laptop for the kids or spare parts to build your own system.

Our Treasure4Charity store specializes in books and collectible grab bags. From gaming system bundles and bags of toys to classic collectibles, we have something for everyone.

Bibliophiles love the book section in our stores, so we’re sure they’ll want to look through our GoodBooks online storefront for great deals, too! We have children’s books and so much more.

Looking for a used book? Check out our Amazon storefront to see what we have available in the book department. Shop just like you normally do on Amazon but from Goodwill!

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