Tim Cech has worked as a custodian team leader at the Zorinsky Federal Building in Omaha for eight years. His shift starts at 3:00 p.m., but he’s almost always early. He sits in the breakroom telling jokes and greeting his coworkers.

Cech is responsible for overseeing a variety of job duties performed by his custodial team. He is a very hands-on team lead, not only providing supervision for all of these tasks, but performing them alongside his crew. Because of this mindset, Cech and his crew pass building inspections with flying colors each and every time. These are just a few of many reasons why Tim was named the 2015 Marco/Meyer Achiever of the Year.

Cech’s role is even more remarkable due to the fact that he lives with anxiety and is easily overwhelmed by large groups of people. Cech first noticed his uneasiness in crowded situations when he was in high school. He became distant and isolated himself. He struggled with employment. Cech credits Goodwill for giving him a safe environment where he can work at his own pace and be himself. Cech’s insecurities have subsided and he now believes he can do just about anything he sets his mind to.

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