Goodwill Business Solutions


Our team of business solutions specialists connect with companies across the metro to learn about their business and hiring needs. We work to match those staffing needs with individuals we serve in the community.

We strive to become experts in your company’s operations and personnel demands.

We foster placements that truly fit those demands. We are also able to provide financial support for the placement, so that employees can prove themselves with a reduced risk to your bottom line.


We are committed to truly learning about a business before attempting to place individuals. Our business solutions specialists can assist with employment opportunities that benefit the employers and employees alike. And we support these opportunities by providing funds that offset your company’s hiring expenses.

This is a never-before-seen approach to job placement.


No complicated forms. Just Goodwill strengthening your hiring efforts through supported employment.


If you are an employer who is struggling to fill positions, call our Business Solutions team at 402.341.4609 to find out how Goodwill can help meet your business and hiring needs.

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12 Days of Goodwill Christmas – Finding the perfect outfit for family pictures

My son turned one in October and I wanted to get family pictures to celebrate his birthday, and also use the pictures for our holiday cards.  I had been searching stores like Target and Kohl’s for the perfect outfit, but just couldn’t come up with anything.  Then one day I was in the 72nd and Ames Goodwill when I came across a plaid vest.  It was so cute – black and red checkers with a tan collar.  The vest was only 99 cents.  Once I saw it, I knew this was the outfit for family pictures!  I paired the vest with a white onzie and jeans.


It doesn’t take a lot to find inspiration for outfits . . . sometimes all it take is one small item to tie the whole look together!

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12 Days of Goodwill Christmas – Trash to Treasure

A few months back Brett Karnes, Goodwill’s facilities manager, was walking through the WearHouse at 72nd and F Street.  As he was heading to the back, another employee was wheeling a piano into the back.  It had been on the retail floor for two weeks with no takers.  Brett looked at it and was surprised to find it was a player piano.  There was one hitch – it didn’t work.  That didn’t stop Brett and he bought the piano for $50.

In doing research, he found out it was a 1929 Wurlitzer player piano.  The varnish was cracked, so Brett stripped the piano and refinished it.  The harder part was going to be fixing the inside.  Brett found an older gentleman in Lincoln who gave him a users manuals and some tips on how to re-key and fix the piano.

Brett’s hard work paid off and he now has a beautiful player piano that he can treasure for years to come.



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12 Days of Goodwill Christmas-White Elephant Gift ideas

White Elephant parties seem to the rage every holiday season. Some years I am just at a loss for what to get for them. You can’t go wrong with getting the safe gifts like that $5 gift card to a coffee house but for those of you that are looking to get more creative this season let Goodwill help you come up with some great gift ideas.

  • Hula hooping Santa, because you just need one!
  • A sassy coffee mug
  • A golf frame, for the avid golfer
  • The mini leg lamp, just a classic


















Those are just some ideas. Goodwill is filled with treasures to make your White Elephant party a blast.

Happy shopping!

#12daysofChristmas #Goodwill

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12 Days of Goodwill Christmas – Decorating your home for Christmas with vintage finds

The Christmas holiday is my favorite.  I love decorating my home with family heirlooms and thrift store finds for a very vintage feel.

One of my favorite things to decorate with are vintage Christmas bulbs.  I have some from my grandmother, but many I got at Goodwill and other thrift stores.  I use the bulbs in table center pieces as well as other room decor.


I even use them to decorate a vintage candle holder I bought at a thrift store and spray painted to match my decor.


For me, there is no better decoration than a beautiful tree.  Most of the vintage bulbs on our tree were bought second-hand.  I am obsessed with how whimsical and unique each one is.


Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive.  Looks for easy ways to incorporate family treasures and Goodwill finds to make your home full of cheer this year!

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