#ThriftyThursday – Drive for Drives

In honor of our Drive for Drives being held today, in partnership with WOWT and Omaha West Rotary, I’m going to talk a little about our GoodBytes store.


Goodwill accepts used computes and computer equipment year-round at all of our stores and during special events, like today’s Drive for Drives.  After you donate, some of the items are recycled in a way that is safe for your personal information and for the environment, in partnership with the Dell Reconnect program.


The rest of these goods are cleaned up, hard drives are cleaned out, and software is updated.  The items that get refurbished are sold in our Goodbytes store.  Each day, new, quality merchandise is put on the shelves at Goodbytes.  You can find laptops, monitors, printers, keyboards, gaming systems – and dozens of other computer & electronic parts & accessories.  Computers are equipped with Windows 7 and upgraded memory.  With prices varying from $80-$200, you can’t find a better deal on a new-to-you computer.

IMG_5262IMG_5960 IMG_5959

Today, bring your old, unwanted computers & electronics to Drive for Drives, from 10-5:30 at Canfields on 85th and Center.  Then, head to GoodBytes at 72nd & F Street to pick yourself up a new laptop, gaming system, or wireless printer.  You donation and purchase will be good for you and great for the community!