Throwback Movie Night- 3/10

Are you exhausted after a long week of work? Does it feel like you’ve been constantly moving for the past four days and haven’t had a chance to sit down and relax? Instead of going out on the town tonight, have a movie night! A movie night is a great way to relax while still being social. Do you only own movies you’ve seen a thousand times? Head over to your local Goodwill and check out their always evolving film collection. You’ll never know what throwback or new movie you’ll find! I headed over to my local Goodwill in search of some great flicks and let me tell you, I found some amazing ones!

101 Dalmatians:


Who doesn’t love cute dogs? This lovable cartoon is sure to leave everyone in a good mood after watching.

Toy Story 2:


Join Buzz, Woody, and the gang on their second adventure into the world of humans! Maybe make it a night of trilogies and watch all three of the Toy Story movies!



This two disc DVD edition of the Titanic comes with a lot of bonus footage that will have you watching for hours on end!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie


Although this movie may be targeted towards the younger generation, it has a great storyline and catchy soundtrack that will cause anyone to want to sing.



Robin Williams is a comical genius in this semi-animated tale about some lively green goo.

Home Alone


You don’t need to save this movie specifically for the holiday season. You’ll laugh at the trickery for hours on end.

Harriet the Spy


Who doesn’t love a good spy movie? This odd tale is sure to leave you wanting to do some investigating of your own!

The Wedding Singer


An Adam Sandler classic that is sure to pull on the heart strings and make you laugh until you cry.

Our Lips Are Sealed


Growing up, Mary Kate and Ashley were my idols. I owned all of their movies and did everything I could to be like them. When I saw this movie on the shelf, I had to buy it!


Now that you have movies in hand, invite over a couple of friends and round up all of the blankets in your home. Gather around the television, grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


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