Employment Ready Helps Students Find Business Casual Attire

Employment Ready Helps Students Find Business Casual Attire 

During the last week of March, Megan Sharpe, Goodwill Omaha’s Employment Ready Manager, received a phone call from Rebecca Dunn who teaches at Ralston High School. Dunn is currently teaching a Future Teacher Internship program. The class focuses on preparing students for future interviews and internships. Goodwill Omaha’s Employment Ready program was asked to partner with the Ralston High School class to provide assistance in how to choose appropriate attire for interviews and internships.

Teaming Up

Sharpe met with the class on April 16 to share how Employment Ready provides free one-on-one job readiness services to those unemployed or underemployed in the Omaha Metro.  Sharpe also spoke about proper business casual attire and how to find this clothing at our Goodwill locations. This partnership was an opportunity to educate the youth in the Ralston and Papillion community—by sharing Goodwill Omaha’s mission programs and how our retail stores support those programs.

The next day Sharpe met the Future Teacher Internship class at our Papillion retail store (84th and Giles).

Megan Sharpe Employment Ready Manager - Introduce Students to Papillion Store

Gathered in the front of the store, Sharpe took a moment to show some examples of proper business casual clothing. Among her examples was acceptable attire for a professional interview.

Example of Business Casual Denim

Megan also took time to remind students of the importance in making a great first impression during an interview. The students were encouraged to shop on their own. Sharpe and Dunn offered guidance and support—ensuring students were choosing appropriate business casual options.  

Business Casual Polka Dot Pants

Ralston Students Browsing

Students were able to find garments by category, size, and color in our Papillion retail store. This made it easy for them to build outfits that paired well with their personalities.

Ralston Male Students Shown Examples of Business Casual Shirts

Ralston Students Share Finds

Interview Ready

Finally, all 17 of the Future Teacher Internship students walked away with business casual outfits for their upcoming interviews.

Ralston Student Checks Out

Each student was given a $20 gift card, which was provided by both Ralston High and Goodwill Omaha. This gave students the ability to find a full outfit. Also showing them how beneficial shopping at Goodwill is while on a tight budget. The students enjoyed the hunt for unique and trendy items they may not have normally found at other retailers. While using the provided gift cards, students were educated on how donating and shopping at Goodwill Omaha supports our mission programs such as Employment Ready.

Ralston Students All Found Outfits


Written by: Josh Meyer • Marketing Specialist

My Goodwill Experience

As my time at Goodwill comes to an end, I have to look back at all of the experiences I have been given over the past four months. This internship has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have learned so much from so many different people here, that I wouldn’t even know where to begin if someone were to ask me what my favorite part about my internship was. Instead of getting sappy and sentimental (not really my style), I wanted to give some pointers or advice to the next intern who steps into my place at the Omaha Goodwill office.

  1. You will meet EVERYONE: Goodwill is an amazing organization with so many unique people from all different walks of life. Every single one of my coworkers comes from a different background and I can honestly say I have learned something valuable from each and every one of them during my time at Goodwill. Be prepared to meet a ridiculous number of people. It’ll be hard to remember everyone’s name on the first day, but you’ll get the hang of it.
  2. You will get to visit some great places: Goodwill holds many different contracts at places all around town. Because of these contracts, I got to go to some cool places like the ROC (the Goodwill warehouse), Zorinsky Federal Building and the Offutt Air force Base. I never would have thought that working at Goodwill would allow me to watch fighter jets take off and do practice laps or see the inside of a national security building. These field trips were some of my favorite days of work, so get ready for some cool adventures!
  3. You will learn A LOT: Wowza, where do I even begin? Coming in my first day, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I was working a marketing internship, but being at a non-profit, I didn’t really know what my job would entail. On my first day I learned everything there is to know about Goodwill and about every single thing that they do for the community. Let me tell you, my mind almost exploded with information! I never knew one organization could help out a community in so many ways like Goodwill does. After I got acquainted, I got to get into the marketing and let me tell you, I learned A LOT more in this area. I learned about advertising, design, e-mail blasts, communication, and app design just to name a few. The amount of valuable knowledge that I have gained in the past four months is astonishing and it will stick with me forever. Be warned, your brain will feel like it’s going to explode with information but it’s totally worth it.
  4. Enjoy every minute of it: I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of my internship. It wasn’t always the most exciting or glamorous job, but it was always a learning experience. There will be days when you get bored, but never be afraid to ask for more work or ask for help, everyone in this office has a kind soul and they will drop everything they’re doing to help you. I am sad to be leaving Goodwill, but it will forever have a piece of my heart.