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Who’s ready for the new Spider-Man movie? We are! On July 7, Sony Pictures promises thrill, action, and heroism in the form of their new blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a little late to the web-slinging wonders of New York City’s most awesome arachnid, here are a few things you can do to get swept up in the excitement!

Comic books

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First, get acquainted with the magical world of comics. Here’s a quick run-down of comic books through the ages crafted Seattle Goodwill. I love how they’ve broken it up by era and they’ve even listed the most valuable comics of each age! Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for these whenever you head to the thrift store. You could sell your finds to a collector for a huge profit or score a piece of history to start your own collection on a bang! It was in the pages of Marvel Comics’ August 1962 issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 that your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man first came alive, so definitely snag that one if you ever see it.

DIY lamp. Before and after. Supplies from Goodwill.

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At home, you can add a little excitement with an easy comic lamp revamp like this one  A Girl and a Glue Gun. Grab drab lighting from Goodwill then search the fabric section for Spider-man cloth. Put the two together with a splash of sunny paint and—POW! A statement lamp ready to brighten a kids’ room or comic book nook. Easy projects like this take only a matter of minutes to complete, but are such a perfect way to take your Spider-man fandom to the next level.

Kids doing impression of Peter Parker in disguise. Goodwill NJ

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Meanwhile, over at Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia spidey-senses are tingling. A couple of cute kiddos posed for this picture shared on Pinterest doing their best impression of Peter Parker in disguise. If you’re in the mood to craft your own costume, swing into action by shopping for your supplies at local Goodwill organizations. Why? Because when you support their mission to help people who are facing challenges to finding employment overcome their hardships and achieve independence through the power of work, that kind of makes you a superhero, too. And, as any true Spider-Man fan knows, with great power comes great responsibility so this is one small thing you can do to help your community.

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Rainy Day Activities Starting at Goodwill

They say that April showers bring May flowers, and with April just a few days away, it’s time to start thinking about some rainy day activities that will keep you entertained and occupied while you wait for the sun to start shining again. Goodwill is your one-stop shop for everything you need to be entertained during this rainy time of year. There is so much to choose from so grab your rain coat, umbrella, and boots, and get ready for a fun filled rainy day starting at your local Goodwill!

Play some board games!

Goodwill has a great selection of board games. You can find classics like Clue and Monopoly or play a new game like Cards Against Humanity or Scene it! No matter your choice, you’re sure to have a great time spending hours with your favorite board game.

Buy a movie!

The movie selection at Goodwill is unlike anything I have ever seen before. They have a huge variety, ranging from romance to comedy to children’s to horror films. You are sure to find a great movie at a great price!

Have a dance party with old CDs!

Like the movie selection, the CD selection at Goodwill is spectacular. Pull out your old boom box and get a few CDs from Goodwill. At the great prices they offer, you’re sure to find a lot of CDs to dance to for hours!

Have a scavenger hunt!

In a previous #ThriftyThursday blog post, we talked about having a scavenger hunt at Goodwill. Gather a list of random items, head to your local Goodwill, and have a blast spending hours and hours searching for your items.

Have a fashion show for under $5

Goodwill is full of great fashion finds for the whole family! Take a look around and create an outfit for under $5. You’ll spend hours trying to find the perfect outfit for the perfect price!

Valentine’s Day at Goodwill

Goodwill is your one stop shop for everything you could possibly need in your house. From electronics to clothing, you’re bound to find the perfect household items in a single store. Not only is Goodwill a great place to shop, it is an adventure every time you walk through the door. You never know what treasures await. If you’re struggling to figure out what to do with your special someone on Valentine’s Day, take them to Goodwill for a day of adventure and fun, without breaking the bank.

Pick out an outfit for your significant other for under $10

This will be a true test of your skills and knowledge to see if you really understand your significant other’s style. Pick each other an outfit to wear for dinner without any guidance from that person. The anticipation building up to the big reveal will lead to lots of fun and wanting peak to see what’s going on with your person. Goodwill has a wide variety of clothing for every personality, you’re sure to find something! Once you have your outfit picked out for one another, stow them away while you get the rest of your supplies for your Valentine’s Day of fun and reveal them right before you check out!

Find your favorite childhood VHS or DVD

Picking out your favorite childhood movie from Goodwill’s wide selection tells a lot about your personality and your childhood. After you have dinner in your hand picked outfits, cuddle up on the couch and watch your favorite childhood movies. Make some popcorn and enjoy each other’s company while reminiscing on old times. Goodwill has a large selection of different movies and you never know what you’ll find. With such a wide variety, it’ll be hard to pick just one! The real question, however, is are you a Disney Princess or Pokémon fan?


Pick out a gag gift

Everyone loves a good gag gift. You don’t need to limit yourself to a work or family gift exchange to partake in the giving and receiving a hilarious gift. Pick out a gag gift for your significant other for under $5. It can be anything you want it to be, as long as it makes you (and hopefully your significant other) laugh. Goodwill has some great gag gifts. This item will be a great piece of memorabilia for this special Valentine’s Day, so make it as awesome as possible.

Useful gag gifts

End your trip with a walk through the board games/games section

You’ll feel nostalgic as you walk through this section and see all the games you used to play as a kid.  Pick out your favorite board games, buy them, and play them to end your Valentine’s Day date. Goodwill’s game and toy section will truly bring a sparkle to your eye. You’ll spend hours laughing while playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Monopoly.


Purchase all of your items (clothes, movies, games) and head out to dinner, or even better, buy some plates and utensils at Goodwill and have a home cooked meal! Enjoy your night with your significant other while reminiscing on the old, simpler times and growing up.

If you didn’t know what to do for Valentine’s Day, you certainly do now. Grab your significant other and bring them to your local Goodwill; it’s sure to be a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget.