Join the Goodwill Date Night Challenge!

In September 2015, two Florida couples set out to create a unique date night experience, and the first (known) #GoodwillDateNight was born. Their story gained the attention of national media, and Goodwill organizations throughout the country started encouraging their shoppers and fans to try it. Couples started challenging other couples to do their own Goodwill date night. It didn’t take long before someone, somewhere, decided #GoodwillDateNight should be a contest for Valentine’s Day. This year, Goodwill Omaha is challenging their fans in Omaha and surrounding communities to take the Goodwill date night challenge, and those who do could win a valuable prize package (see details below).

How to Participate

The idea is this: You and your co-contestants visit a Goodwill Omaha store to shop for outfits for each other. Select a budget for each outfit (we suggest $10). You can go for glamour, with formal gowns and suits, or you might choose to look for pieces that would make the most hideous outfit you can find. Or, like the couples in Florida, you might incorporate a little of both. Then, you go on a date or outing — in public. And be sure to take photos or video while you’re out.

To enter, contestants must post photos or video from their shopping trip and outing to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #GoodwillDateNightOmaha. In the past, people taking a date night challenge snap photos wearing their Goodwill garb in front of a Goodwill store.

Goodwill Omaha sweetened the prize packages this year by inviting select business sponsors to contribute to the package, which includes a gift certificate to the Woodlcliff Restaurant, Vic’s Popcorn gifts, Goodwill gift cards, and more!

Goodwill Omaha is accepting entries to the #GoodwillDateNightOmaha challenge through Feb. 14, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Eligible entries will be entered in the contest, and the marketing team will use a randomizer to select the winner, which they expect to announce by Feb. 21, 2022.

For more information about the #GoodwillDateNightOmaha challenge, how to enter and contest rules, click below.