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YouthBuild Americorps Overview

Goodwill Omaha’s YouthBuild AmeriCorps program* is a national, community-based skills-training program designed to prepare disadvantaged and at-risk youth for apprenticeships in the construction trades. YouthBuild students participate in required construction or rehabilitation of affordable housing for low-income or homeless families in our community.

Our YouthBuild students split their time between the vocational training job site and the classroom. In the classroom, they’re able to earn their high school diplomas or equivalency degrees, learn to become community leaders and prepare for post-secondary training opportunities like college, apprenticeships, and long-term employment.

The YouthBuild program provides a strong support system that includes mentoring, follow-up education, employment & personal counseling services, civic engagement, and more.

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YouthBuild AmeriCorps is a proud partner of the American Job Center Network. Goodwill Omaha’s YouthBuild AmeriCorps program is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Labor in the amount of $895,437, or 75% of total program costs. Goodwill Omaha and other non-federal support funds $223,859, or 25% of program costs.

Goodwill Omaha’s YouthBuild program is an equal opportunity employer/program. For more information, call 402 595 3991 (V/TTY). If auxiliary needs or reasonable accommodations are necessary, please call Goodwill Omaha’s YouthBuild AmeriCorps office at 402-231-1976.

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YouthBuild AmeriCorps se enorgullece de ser un socio de la American Job Center Network. El programa YouthBuild AmeriCorps de Goodwill Omaha está financiado en parte por el U.S. Department of Labor por un monto de $895,437, o el 75 % de los costos totales del programa. Goodwill Omaha y otros fondos de apoyo no federales $223,859, o el 25 % de los costos del programa. El programa YouthBuild de Goodwill Omaha es un empleador/programa que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades. Para obtener más información, llame al 402 595 3991 (V/TTY). Si se requieren necesidades auxiliares o adaptaciones razonables, llame a la oficina de YouthBuild AmeriCorps de Goodwill Omaha al 402-231-1976.

Program Benefits & Advantages

Goodwill Omaha’s YouthBuild program offers a number of opportunities for youth:

  • Paid education and learning: Students prepare for GED testing with subject-material and practice tests, and they obtain certification in homebuilding, first aid, and OSHA standards.
  • Paid construction training: Students learn construction skills while working on projects with Habitat for Humanity, the Abide Network, and other Omaha organizations.
  • Leadership training: Students develop the skills that make them valuable to employers and become leaders by completing community service projects.
  • Ongoing support: Students benefit from the shared growth they discover in their YouthBuild program classes, and they receive continued support from our YouthBuild program team after graduation.

Program Requirements

To qualify for the YouthBuild AmeriCorps program, students must:

  • Be referred by a community agency or community member who will support them during their time in the program
  • Be between ages 16 and 24 at the time of enrollment
  • Have dropped out of high school, or dropped out of school and subsequently re-enrolled
  • Meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • Is a member of a low-income family
    • Is in foster care
    • Is an offender
    • Is an individual with a disability
    • Is the child of a current or formerly incarcerated parent
    • Is a migrant youth

To view the complete eligibility requirements and program specifications, download the program handbook.

Access to Job Training & Placement Changes Lives

Get to know the people who have found purpose and fulfillment by participating in our YouthBuild AmeriCorps program.

Victoria’s Story

The YouthBuild program gave Victoria the support and structure she needed and taught her how to overcome her barriers and obstacles.

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